Who You Represent? by Richie Righteous

Song Lyrics

Who You Represent?
by Richie Righteous

Album: R.I.C.H - Resting In Christ Hands

Who you represent
Yeah we represent God we represent God
Yeah we rep rep rep rep represent God
Yeah we represent God
Yeah we rep rep rep rep represent God

You got to keep a close eye on the people that you move with
Everybody nowadays be marching in a movement
Some they don't like what I'm saying in my songs
They be marching for the right to do what is the wrong

Abortion is a sin
Homo-sex is a sin
If you're born that way then you can be born again
Sometimes I really wonder if this world is listening
Cause we are the same I'm a Christian

I rep the Bible; Christ is what I'm into
It should show if he has a relationship with you
Take up your cross deny yourself and follow me
If you are a man of God you cannot watch pornography

You can't fornicate so throw away the condoms
I don't care how much honey says she wants them
Even when they not looking Rep Him to the cause
Rep Him in the public eyes and behind closed doors


Now don't get me wrong I'm not trying to start a riot
But I do believe the church has been to quiet
While the world is busy marching legalizing everything
But what they really want to legalize is sin
Same sex marriages
Let me just testify once you
legalize that then here comes the pedophile
And the polygamists
And the one who weed smoke

Next you know you gone have to legalize real coke
If you birth abortion you are anti life
This is a lawless society who's anti Christ
God hates racism
And he hates to see injustice, the question that I'm asking is where are the churches

They keep telling me learn to tolerate
But when I say what I believe then they tell me that it's hate, but I love all sinners and I don't discriminate
But when it comes to sin I refuse to participate


Now come into my classroom grab a chair please sit
A lot of things we think is cool God ain't really pleased with, you think you can get away with it cause it's done in secret
But you fool yourself because he always sees it
I've been bought with a price and yes I'm loving it

God so loved the world that His only Son covered it
On the cross I'm under his government
The rainbow is not a sign of gay pride but of a covenant; this is not a hate speech this is just a warning

What you call a lifestyle God already calls it
This world is impatient; they constantly racing
I switched up my style to bring it to your generation
Who needs salvation? You are so unaware
There's a God up there and He really do care
But you built up a Great Wall around you like China
You're a perfect design but tell me who is your designer?

Hook until end

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