Kill The Spirit by S.F.C.

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Phase III by S.F.C.

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Kill The Spirit
by S.F.C.

Album: Phase III

In the ghetto, where you hardly see love,
Sometimes hugs, but a whole lotta thugs and drugs,
The value of life is low,
Brothers hanging out, straight going with the flow,
But the flow is twisted and wicked,
You don't agree, you need to check the statistics, man,
It should make you think,
Can't you see the black male's on the brink of becoming extinct?
So I stop, dwell on that thought, it brings tears to my eyes,
Another homicide makes me realise time is passing,
Too much time is passing, so I'm going to the mountains for fasting,
And then it takes place,
Here I am, right back in your face with a revelation I gotta take to this nation,
'Cause my people are dying of starvation, spiritually,
So me, I jump on the stair, and relax,
Grab my axe, and teach, over drum track, the facts which some lack,
And that's the reason they act they way they act, thinking they're identifying with black,
But ignorance is not black, though my people are straight-up portraying that,
Selling crack in the communities, and then swearing that they're down with black unity,
Yo, who ya fooling B?
Your own race, man,
Are you down with the skin-heads or the klan?
I wanna know; yo, what's up with that?
Why are you so quick to peel brother man's,
Cap another black on black,
Shorty's locked up, home-girl's knocked up,
Fell for the scam played by the male who swears he's a man,
He never loved you, so why should, like, he care?
As he tells you to get on welfare,
So, here we go, through the same old cycle,
Playboy dad, fatherless child that'll probably just grow up buck-wild in poverty,
Well, you're grabbing for something, but you're always coming back with nothing but broken dreams,
Man, it seems straight useless, and that's the reason Slack produced this jam,
Take of the blindfold, pushed there to realise you are the eyes of the church,
And that's why ya like straight getting worked over time,
'Cause once we fall in line, with a clear mind, it's revival time,
So out comes the KJV 66, in goes the clip,
I got my hand on the trigger, busting shots at the spirit called "nigger".

A super shout-out to the Cush man,
What you don't understand, the oldest son of Ham - Cush, the Cush man,
Or, better yet, should I say Ethiopian?
A people, tall with smooth, brown skin,
These parts of the bible seem to be forgotten,
You see, it's no unknown, it's just not taught,
I'll be the first one to pull the trigger, and kill that spirit called "nigger" that's been keeping my people way low, pretending everything is mellow,
Well, I'm sending shouts to the ghetto,
Know who you are, so you can reach your full potential,
See, your history is not a mystery, it extends way beyond the sixteenth century,
And the bible will clearly expose this, in Numbers 12:1, with Miriam, the wife of Moses,
Interracial marriage, God didn't oppose this, but you won't find that looking at the video,
Of course, you have to got to the source, and break free from the chains of the spirit that's left us all incoherent, and blind to the fact that Jesus washed that all at the cross,
Some call it a tree; nevertheless, we're free - that means you and me,
'Cause Jesus took the key, got up on the tree,
So get rid of the peas, and pile Galatians 3:28 on your plate,
Get your aim straight, and kill that spirit called "nigger".

Spirits from hell are assigned against nations,
Communities, races, a problem everyone faces,
Devil, I'm taking authority over, in the name of Jesus,
I bind and render your work, in order to shatter your plan to pieces,
Apprehending the enemy,
It's written that he should, and must be, bound before I enter and take his goods,
Depart truth in ya, like an educated teacher,
Living, though in time, in time, say, rhyme, preacher,
Trained an equipped for war, armored still,
Return to put the demons on the scope for kill,
Prayed before we started, nigger spirit, we bought it,
'Cause I'm addressing the last of the nigger spiritual target,
As we rebuild and get rid of it,
If you get it, you dig it,
And we're not talking about the minute to find my anglo bits,
Neither would a brother call another brother,
We're speaking of a spirit that's the sign of black minds in all of mankind,
Keeping you divided, envious, filled with greed, jealous of the next man - don't wanna see him succeed,
Lazy and complaisant, with consumer mentality,
Strangle and protect your genes and creativity,
But God gives you the ability to obtain wealth,
You're sticking out your hand, looking for help from someone else,
Blaming it on the next man, feeling that you got to,
But, with Christ and the Holy Ghost, nobody can stop you,
To some, welfare is a curse from hell, no apology,
Is the system designed to keep recipients in poverty?
If you're depending on the system, forgetting your gifts or job,
And keep you from fulfilling your purpose in God,
As soon as you get some money, you spend it with the careers,
Never save or invest, but just so people can see 'em looking cool,
But won't get a free paragraph for school,
If your vision is blurry, clear it,
And the lyrics from the.....

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