With Me Now by Sansone

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Way Up Above by Sansone

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With Me Now
by Sansone

Album: Way Up Above

Doing something like it ain’t never been done no
I don’t play I ain’t felt like this before believe me really night and day
Moves we making not too follow trends we really here to stay
Are you with me are you with me raise a hand and let it waive okay
Raise a hand a let it waive okay
The ground we touch is bout to shake okay
We can’t treat this as a game okay
Are you with me now

Verse 1
Are you with me like really with me it’s different now
Everything has changed God came in with a different sound
Music got me crazy will always love it like
Whitney now so I’ve been going all in about to give it my kidney now
I’m looking up all of the facts
World wanna say that you ain’t enough I ain’t agreeing with that
Type of lies only put you in cuffs
And make you start changing his plans
All that you are is enough
Don’t matter how nice it all looks
You can leave that for the books

Verse 2
How you feel to be the bricks that make the building
We only stacking up and not across I see no ceiling
The second that you thinking that your life has got a limit
Is the second that you need to know you’ve been made in his image
Hope you hear it loud and clear
Ain’t one thing you gotta fear
Mama told me not to worry despite what goes on in here
Believe me I had felt the weight
Like my body’s bout to break
I just had to let it go to see how everything would change And that’s the thing

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Love this song - Jan 2022

love this song!!!!!!!!! - Nov 2021

This is a really good song '!!! - Oct 2021

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