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Lions and Liars by Sho Baraka

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Extinction Intro
by Sho Baraka

Album: Lions and Liars

What caused the death of the mighty lion?
I don't hear him roar, whats the reason for?
What caused the death of the mighty lion?
Once he hits the floor, there will be no more.

The Lions dying and he trying to graps for the air
It's no longer there, and it seems like no body cares
He fumbles and stumbles he tripping he up and he down
It's a miracle if he doesn't return to the ground
He's hit a bump or it seems more like he's stuck
They wont help him up so it seems like he lost their trust
The harvest will come but by then he'll return to the dust
Most look pleased with the death, but that just spells misfortune for us
The one hope for the world is now dead and he's gone
We've made some clones, but none with a roar that'll frighten your bones
He's wearing a muzzle, no longer the king of the jungle
The cowards have killed him; they've taken his roar and his rumble
They're few that will cry with fear that extinction will rise
Apart from their pride they just want to lay down and die
We cheered for his death, as if the world wasn't darkened enough
We got what we want so I guess this is a caution to us

Extinction, or fleeing, receiving the taming procedure
Rapid decreasing, disguise pretend to be zebras
What you believe in, or better what's your reason for breathing
Bowing with Caesar, or is it allegiance to Jesus
Where my fighters at ready to oppose the liars
Not afraid to shun evil that a passion people
They put us cages w hopes that this scares us or changes
We cause them danger so now they result back with anger
The shooting of Luther, the shooting of Kennedy
If your roars too loud this is the remedy for their enemies
There's a problem we tend to be afraid to be brave
I'd rather head to the grave than live my life as a slave
I know its easy to say, but it's the words that I pray
If I'm crazy for something, then its gotta be all in or nothing
But there's a rumor buzzing you can hear hearts thumping
I guess there's more Lions and a revolutions coming

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