My Life (Nice Aim) by Sho Baraka

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Lions and Liars by Sho Baraka

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My Life (Nice Aim)
by Sho Baraka

Album: Lions and Liars

Its my life, ain't no way I can change at all even if I tried
That why I try, to go and tear the wall down let you all get a peak inside
But once you inside, I guarantee you wont like everything that you'll find
But what you'll find, is the grace of the LORD, cuz His hands all over my life
It's my life

Nice aim, they taught us to aim for nothing
And look, we hit it dead on the button

The story of my life, if you flip through the chapters
Born in the maple leaf now I'm in Atlanta
Lived close to Hollywood, raised in the drama
God blessed my mama so she named me Baraka
Parents did the splits, so I split socially
I love moms but when pops left he took the most of me
I hated the mirror cuz I struggled with my race
Everyday I would wish I was white, I'm such a disgrace
I had identity struggles that was no secret
I was lucky if my closest friends could speak English
So to fight that feeling I made the decision
I can hate my face or hate the opposition
I'm hanging with the militant, reading buffalo Soldiers
My friends in their room hanging Word up posters
This is my attempt to pull back the curtains
This is showing you the life of a young man hurting

2nd Chapter of my life, I see things different
Acting like Malcolm X got my boys tripping
I get silent treatments so I start to listening
The root of the issue I just want some significance
If that means thugging, I'll listen to pac
Smoke a little weed getting drunk on the Block
Doing petty crimes running from the Cops
Knowing pops would kill me if I ever got caught
My man got shot days later he's dead
Its running through my head we all allergic to lead
I'll never ever forget what my oldest brother said
You can be a dreamer but don't live in your bed
So I left that life and I went to college
My God became, money, sex, status and knowledge
And if I didn't get I'd go insane
I guess that's the result of a life with bad aim

They want a third chapter, sit back and listen
Like Matt Damon I was born for this mission
I heard a crazy message about the world's hero
And how it was a righteous kill, Robert Deniro
And how he got punished when he did zero
Just to bring a cure to some sin sick people
Did some research found none equal
Perfection wrapped in flesh to dead evil
I guess my biggest issues I thought I was a Christian
But now I have a passion for Christ Mel Gibson
I asked my man if he knew his way to heaven
He said sure they open doors around seven
And closes at 3 so go get your blessings
I guess it's my fault for assuming his understanding
He knows what he needs he's scared to explore why
Eternity's on his heart Christ hit the bullseye

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