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Turn My Life Up by Sho Baraka

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by Sho Baraka

Album: Turn My Life Up

Ladies and gentleman, please stand to your feet for Sho Baraka's rendition of "Overrated"!

Look at the state of the world
Yea, I'm mad at the world
And I'ma share my frustration just a little bit.
Every brother is a thug
And while they glorifying drugs,
They look at me bugged
Cuz I wanna be a gentlemen.
And my ladies are a mess
They want value in their dress
And in themselves they don't invest
They want significance.
The young'uns quote 50 cent,
But can't count to 50 cent.
We promote ignorance
And we're so illiterate.
My Man loving that money to death
Really to death
He'll kill himself to get him a check.
Oh, but he weeped about Virginia tech,
But he sells glocks and tech
Please help me understand his intellect.
We can talk about taxes and air pollution
Government's great illusion,
But that's makeup for the skin.
And I don't wanna give problems without solutions
So I've come to this conclusion
Love God and hate sin.

The money (the money)
The power (the power)
The fame (the fame)
The lies and the games
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
The lust (the lust)
The pride (the pride)
The greed (the greed)
Anything to succeed
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)

This cat was like I don't feel you to be honest
You should sound more street, more hood, more conscious.
And also be more liberal with your content,
He wanna make me a star, so I can fall like a comet.
I'm satisfied with the things that God promised.
I don't need to chase the steak when I'm cool with top ramen.
I'm a servant of the King; I pay homage.
I don't wanna be on top, if they put Him at the bottom
"Sho you just faking to be humble and poor,
In hopes that the LORD will be pleased and bless you with more."
No, homie, I just keep my face to the floor
When he opens the door, my views will be the same as before.
I can't be real commercial with it.
Non-offensive lyrics, get some radio spins, and give them Jesus later.
I wanna walk like the Lord, and talk like the Lord.
If we live like the lord, then the world will hate us.

The clothes (the clothes)
The sex (the sex)
The cars (the cars)
Anything to be stars
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
The rage (the rage)
The hate (the hate)
The drugs (the drugs)
Everybody is a thug
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)

It could be hard righteous living,
with the freedom God has given,
but we can live in the world and keep our sanity.
You might one day be a star,
even drive a fancy car,
but realize, my friend, it's all vanity.
It's the heart at question, who has your affections
Is it the goods you love or the GOD who made them?
So for my last suggestion,
If we've learned any lesson,
The world's lost the game - its overrated

The what (the what)
The who (the who)
The things (the things)
The rat race for the green
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
The ohh (the ohh)
The ooh (the ooh)
The ahh (the ahh)
The blasť blah
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)

The cash (the cash)
The cream (the cream)
The diamonds (the diamonds)
Pretty much everything
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's all (it's all)
It's overrated

Yea, recognize Christ is the real champion
Surrender your life to Him
He'll bring your life real value

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