My Life (Santinos Theme) by Social Club

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Misfits 2 by Social Club

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My Life (Santinos Theme)
by Social Club

Album: Misfits 2

Verse 1:Fernie
From the beautiful island of P.R
Bodiqua that's my DNA
They asking me why I go so hard (tell em) that second youngin is on the way
And wife is saying she want to stay home and take care of him i'm like of course
So I'm out here grinding on my grown man sucka I been hopped of the porch
The perception will have it I'm new in the game to the genre perhaps but been doing my thing
2005 I was signed to Sony but me doing that didn't do me a thing
But I went to prison anyway around the same time that I got signed so oh well
Couldn't drop no albums from jail but I still spit 16s so well
I came home lyrically still the king on my throne
Not much changed since I last left when I first off which was first off gotta buy me a phone
This is the life of the prodigal son in the flesh with my dreams to buy my family a house
I confess I gotta achieve that Santino my son needs to know that I be's that and never gon have to ask where I be's at
This is that fire you better believe that
This is that hunger I know that you see that
I thank God that He gave mama mi back I mean she prayed so hard
Lord looked out couldv'e been so scared
Young boy fascinated with the streets my God
Now I'm tell em about my King on beats my job
D Flow with the perfect instrumental high five

When I look back on everything that you done for me
Your mercy and grace or them angels above me the way that you love me, the way that you love
The prodigal son in the flesh I'm a mess when I try to do things on my own
I can't do it so the least I can do is when I write you this music the sense here is I can be
I just give you my life, I just give you my life
Not worried about anything, anything at all give you my life
I just give you my life, I just give you my life
Not worried about anything at all my Father
You know I give you my life

Verse 2
It's amazing to see me on stages from the places I been to I know
My mama was praying through nights for her baby I made it you know
This is that music that stopped the abuse when I the started writing
If y'all know what I went through Steven Spielberg would be called to direct the movie I'm writing
I whip it, I whip it, I whip it that's all been hearing y'all saying
I'm whipping the flesh into shape when I'm spitting
Reminding my self of his grace and forgiveness
I know all you rapping is not my calling to fulfill your missions
So if your out there listening I'm working on this movement no disrespect
The boys from the Social on deck may I spit you my soul that's on ev
And that's short for everything y'all can have that the Lord promised me heavy bling
I spit that flow you play for your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your auntie, your uncle, your neighbor above you
Here go the part where I tell you He love you
And I do it to save you, the PK who felt he was stuck in a bubble
Went to the streets and he started to hustle
I ran with the fam we got it from the muscle
When I discovered I rhymed I got on my grustle
Putting out theftings like Russell
But Lord I put no one above you


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