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Album: GospelAlphaMegaFunkyBoogieDiscoMusic

Nothin' but that funky gospeldelic music
Bringin' just that funky gospel music

Welcome to Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic
All the way from the golden state of California
Where we pop our collas
Dip in Impalas
Stack 'em dollas
And roll with bona fide ballas and G's
And rhymesayas known to bring the hardest gangstas to their knees
So hop on the spaceship
As we travel through gospel galaxies
And bring you that unadulterated, never perpetrated, pure uncut
Gospel funkadelic music
Welcome to the beginning of eternal funk

Uh, what's sizzlin' big baby
This is Mr. T Boogey-woogey-oogey
Originator of that gospel rap with a gangsta twe-i-e-i-ist
Welcome to Gospelalphamegafunkyboogiediscomusic
We 'bout to put some of that gospel flava up in your earhole
Y'all ain't never heard nothin' like this before
We gon' show y'all how we rock on the West Side
A different style of gospel music, man
So stay tuned
Cause we gon' do it different this time around, y'all
Oh boy

That funky gospel music
Why must I feel like that?
Why must I put down a gat?
Nothin' but the ghost in me
Oh, oh why must I feel like that?
Why must I put down a gat?
Nothin' but the ghost in T
Oh, gospel music

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