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Brand New - Single by Tedashii

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Brand New
by Tedashii

Album: Brand New - Single

Hook (from "Fresh")
Actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
Actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
(They say I'm) actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
A-actin'-actin' brand, actin' actin'
(You know I'm) actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
Actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
(They say I'm) actin' brand new
Actin'-actin' brand new
All my boys, all my boys say I'm actin' brand new

Verse 1
Hold up, hold up, hold up, for what? Let's get it crackin' baby
They on the set, double takin' like I'm actin' baby
I'm brand new, brand new, but some will swear I'm fakin'
But I ain't trippin', I ain't trippin', I just let 'em make it
The proof I'm actin' different, not a fool but I get in it
Not the root but I can dig it, see the truth I'm a Christian
And that's what happens when Jesus steps on the scene
So fresh so clean, all my saints know what I mean
(Actin' brand new) not tryna run from actin' illing
New like a fresh fit or shopping tag, pop it like a willie
Ay, this is somethin' special in the making, you can feel it
This is more than just some music, it's a movement, can't conceal it
New walk, new talk, all my boys say you wilin' homie
Dude dropped a couple pounds, now you think you stylin' homie
Nah bro, only lies wear a disguise
That ain't me, that ain't me, you can miss me like goodbye
You know I'm


Verse 2
Went from livin' for myself and hatin', livin' for the King
Went from chasin' after wealth to satisfied in Elohim
No more runnin' after women, snatchin' wives with good intentions
I got out the maze, thank you Beverly, happy feelings
One life, one wife, one sight, one love
If you knew the old me, I'd tell you one just ain't enough
But the old is passed away, even though I'm still breathin'
Take both, fast and pray, lookin' for the day I see him
And I'm (actin' brand new) because he's where my hope lies
Not in me, not in man, cause even the pope dies
See we all born lost and man we never find direction
You can trust we never will man without divine election
Ay I'm actin' brand new 'cause he made me brand new
You don't understand me then you don't understand truth
In him, my life is not my own and by faith gone
And this brand new livin' is found in Christ alone
You know I'm

Hook (x2)

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