Identity 3 - The Church by Tedashii

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Identity Crisis by Tedashii

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Identity 3 - The Church
by Tedashii

Album: Identity Crisis

Hook 1 (Rick Trotter):
(Go Through the Motions)
Steppin' in and I'm checkin' out the scene,
Fresh pressed, creased out, man you know yo' boy be clean (clean);
Hand claps, toe tappin' while the choir raise a song,
Folks shoutin' now the reverend's up you know it won't be long
Passa holler bout a hour and I'm thankin' bout the game
People peepin at the clock (whoop) every Sunday it's the same
Alter call, preacher's hoopin', church open up the doors
Leave a tip then I dip, next week I'm back fo' mo'

Verse 1 (Tedashii):
Steppin' out the house so fresh, clean/
Tailored suites and gator boots/Italian names in the inseam
summer heat encumber teens, forced to wear them pants with pleats/
Sunday morning uniform/like we soldiers, like Marines/
off to Sunday School with mama ‘nem/like it was a job for them/
I'd hear the same Word but different meanings like with homonyms/
time and time again/cause I'm praying that the time would end/
man Saturday must be my crime/my Sunday's doing time again/
you feel me man, I know you do/some of y'all still going through/
most of us just learn the motions just so we can make it though/
I mean, no one ever showed us how this thing was vital for life/
and that the church was not a building/but the body of the Christ/

Dialogue (Jacki Walker):
Man, you hear that?
Did you hear that?
It's so dope.
But we just don't get it.
Something this good……man.

Hook 2 (Rick Trotter):
(Go through the motions)
Same time each week
Jesus must know me
‘Cause I'm heatin' up a seat
In the church, church
(Sunrise, eleven thirty
You can be late but don't leave early)
(Go through the motions)
The Devil is a hater
He can't touch me
‘Cause I'm blessed and highly favored
Church, church
(I've got to be in that place
Sunday I'm go'n show my face in the church)

Spoken Word (Ron Surgeon):
The Church, chosen in Christ in eternity.
The Church is not a building, it's breathing.
Maturing Christians in communal living, helping babes that are teething.
You can have perfect attendance in the seat of the building and not be apart of this.
You can attend the building and not be apart of the body of Christ… it's obvious.
I'm blessed and highly favored and because of this Jesus Christ is blessed and highly treasured. The greatest gift that God could give is God… so see and savor Him!

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