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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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Party Music
by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Verse 1:
What it do derrty, I see you playing the walls, you out here beefing with out beats and you keep playing us soft
Claiming that you need something to make you move like evictions, and if you moving to this beat then ain't no way that it's Christian
But derrty, we understand that sin is much more appealing, that's why fellas run to girls with clothes that's much more revealing
But I bet you if this song was about clicking and clacking or grills, you'd have no problem putting a dip in your back and that's real
See the problem ain't the track or the groove, retracting your moves, perhaps this world's attractive to you
And you're in love with the feeling from the records they spinning, but the issue is you love it to the point that you sinning
It's unfulfilling I promise when your party is done a part of you longs for at least another part of the fun
Uh-oh, you don't wanna be found in that position, especially a Christian (a Christian?) compromising your living

They don't want that godly music but naughty music/that party music/that make you shake your body music/and you ain't gotta leave the church to find music/that will put in work (2x's)
(Errbody wanna Party) 5x's

Verse 2: (Flame) Marcus T.
Man I came from the club scene house parties, block parties, OG's hit the liquor store and cop 40s
Covered up with them brown paper bags, raw jeans pulled down make 'em sag
Silver chain used to say it was white gold, rap music made me cooler than ice cold
Until my life froze and the good news of Christ interrupted like them commercials from Geico
And like Nitro, I quickly got rid of my Biggy and Tupac that made me feel like I was psycho
Said to myself, guess for me that rap's dead, started feening for them 808's like a crack head
All I needed was a window and a rope for suicide, but God provided the antidote
Raw beats and some Godly music, only problem now is that we hardly use it


Verse 3:
All ready baby, I seen you bounce to this, ain't no need for you to front, you can get down with this
Yeah you heard us say Jesus that's cause we kingdom people, it's a trip to hear this music banging knocking your steeples
I know it shocks you baby, but then rocks you baby, and you ain't gotta leave the church to find music that put in work (put in work)
But I guess we seem weak to you, cause we ain't braggin bout our clothes, we'd rather speak to you
Hey Thiz, maybe I ain't got enough dope in my rhyme or brag about a body count to get 'em scoping rhyme
(Nope) I'll keep the main thang the main thang main and pray that you get the point so you can maintain main

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