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Hold On
by The Acappella Company

Album: Gospel

Jesus said He'll always be there

Thought you could do it
On your own
Thought you could do it
By yourself
But the Lord had other plans for you
He decided He would see you through (He would see you through)
Yes, through it all
So when tomorrow
Seems like forever
Don't be discouraged
Because the Lord will never leave you weak
Your strength will come
When He has said it's time for you to stand alone (stand alone)
You can stand (can stand) alone
Don't worry about it (don't worry)
Know that He won't leave you (oh no) lonely (He won't leave you lonely, He'll be right there) (no no, hey oh)
Oh, just lean on Him (just lean)
Never letting go of His arms (never let go of His arms)
When you're burdened down
All you gotta do is hold…

Chorus 1:
Hold on… tomorrow's coming (tomorrow's coming)
Hold on… (a new day) a new day's near (try to hold on)
Be strong (be strong yeah)… take new courage (take courage)
For Jesus (for Jesus) said (said He would) He'll (said He'd always)…
Always be there (He will be there)

When everyday problems
Turn into mountains
Don't you give up (don't you give up, no)
You just take it one step at a time
Cause you know God is there (right there)
And surely there is nothing
That will ever tear you away (nothing can tear you away)
Never tear you away
You've got to fight and fight
God as your guiding light (oh yeah)
He's your salvation, yes He is
Where He is, there lies your (strength) strength and power to overcome
(Tears of pain) Tears of pain, shadows of your sinful past (shadows of your past)
That still remain
Just reach out (reach out)
Always holding on to hope (keep reaching out (to hope, yeah) (He will never fail) for hope)
No, Jesus never fails (no won't fail ya)
Even in the midst of a heavy, heavy, heavy storm (in the midst of the storm (storm), in the midst of the rain (rain), His love is the same (same))
His love prevails
(Oh) and remember to hold on…

Chorus 2:
Hold on (yeah, yeah)… tomorrow's coming (tomorrow's on it's way, hay (said a new day is near))
Hold on… (Oh yeah, my dear (you gotta hold on) right here) a new day's near (got to hold on (all you gotta do is be strong (yeah))
Be strong (be strong cause)… take new courage (strength's a coming, coming, coming) (take courage)
For Jesus said (for Jesus is coming) He'll (oh yes He is, yeah)…
Always be there (always, always be there)

Hold on (hold on), hold on (hold on)
Hold on (yeah), hold on (every day say every day say every day)
Hold on (yeah), hold on (He's on His way, soon and very soon)
Hold on, hold on (yeah, yeah yeah yeah (oh))
Hold on, hold on
(Come on and) Hold on, (come on and, come on and, come on and) hold on (be strong, be strong, hey)
Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on (even in the midst of a heavy storm you gotta hold on)
Hold on, hold on (gotta hold, gotta hold, gotta hold, gotta hold on)
Hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on

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