Blessings of Obedience by Timothy Brindle

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Killing Sin by Timothy Brindle

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Blessings of Obedience
by Timothy Brindle

Album: Killing Sin

Verse 1:
I choose Christ over sin, yes, Him over Satan
To know him better and please him is my motivation
I despise anything that would give hindrance to me
And keep me from experiencing his intimacy
Jesus, we worship you
Your word says you're intimate with the upright, Proverbs three-thirty-two
And that's the best reward that you can offer
So I bless you Lord, cause you said you'd manifest more of your Father
To those who keep your Word, and those who obey
So now you come to me and make your home and abode where I pray
But this statement's true, to you all praise is due
'Cause its only by your grace, I'm even obeying you
And even on the best day that I have
Its only your blood that saves me from facing your wrath, so I add
Nothing to the work of Christ its perfect
But still you reward our purity with more delight when we worship.

Its much doper to abide in your love obeying
Your much closer though your high and above amazing
I feel your presence when my soul is near it I'm praising
I'm filled with joy by your Holy Spirit embracing

Verse 2:
Lord, you shine beautifully
How awesome is it that the all glorious triunity
Would commune with me
A taste of heaven, now I learn this major lesson
Avoid anything that would grieve your amazing presence
Sin's completely deceitful
But God's commandment's don't withold good from us, they keep us from evil
And his righteous law serve as an armor
From that which would destroy, discourage, disturb ya, or harm ya
So his commands are not burdensome
So be encouraged to murder sin, to ensure, yo, better worship him
And as the Godly obey, and not go astray, the Lord
Blesses all they do, and prospers their way
'Cause when Christ is the Sun in the center of our solar system
All our life's planets orbit in their right position
So make Christ your portion brethren, abhor the leaven
'Cause our obedience makes for more rewards in heaven
And these rewards aren't a flossy, golden wrist
But a larger cup of joy in His sovereign holiness
So now, seek his peace more frequently
'Cause his secrecy so sweet you see, come feast for free
My God you do take me from solemn moods to gladness
Now I wanna move to solitude to have this
So I follow-through, to call on you, who's matchless
You're my meal, my soul swallows food of fatness
When tempted I cling to Scripts, your lips whole
Like Psalm 84:11, no good thing you'll withhold
From those who walk uprightly
But even this is true helps me from falling into lust nightly
So I swim in your Scriptures
To dive inside your mind, and climb to find the rich Word
I'm searching carefully, your Word give clarity
To clearly see no worth compares to Thee
Over great goodness Lord, you stored up
For those who fear you Lord, put, more in our cup (more of you)
Blessed are the pure in heart, their reward is
That they shall see GOD with a more gorgeous view
Like a blind man standing
Regaining sight in his eyes, to see a sunrise on the Grand Canyon
When the eyes of my heart see your greatness it floors me
So show me the depth of your Love, and Weight of Your Glory.

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