Who I Am by Tru Serva, DiJohn

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Who I Am
by Tru Serva, DiJohn

Album: The Surrender Sound

Save me Lord from who I am, without You.

Sometimes I sit and wonder; 'how can I go astray, and turn my back on the love that's so great?'.
This world cause' confusion, got me wonderin' what is real. So can we talk, and express how I really feel?
Jesus take the wheel, but then I take it back. I wanna walk and have control where it goes at.
And that's a fact, if we bein' honest; deception in our hearts always finds us.
But you will never forsake me, and that's a promise. And you would never leave me, that's timeless.
And when I'm at my worst, You at your finest. And when we left our first love, You remind us - that I'm not alone, and You right there, in my lack of self-worth of missing despair.
When this world ain't fair and I wanna choke it out, You showed me compassion - how to work it out.

Save me Lord from who I am, without You.
Save me Lord from who I am, without You.

Without You - oh wretched man that I am - the selfishness got my own plans in full demand.
The battle inside says that I'm unworthy, and the thoughts in my mind says I'm unholy.
Even though in Your Word it says "draw closely", still my greatest fear that you wouldn't know me.
I know there's faith in our feelin's, but can you hold me, shape me, and mold me - courage to live boldly.
So, I'm quick to listen and to speak slowly, just in case you got somethin' that you wanna tell me.
Sometimes I feel I can solve the world's problems, and not even consult with you - now that's the problem.
Who I am without you: someone that's broken. Can You put me back together in the midst of the chosen?
A prodigal heart I return - was gone astray. I drop everything, lift my hands, and say...

(I surrender)
Save me Lord from who I am, without You.
Save me Lord from who I am, without You.

Lord I need You now.
I know that You can hear..when my voice is callin'.
I know that You can see..when my life is fallin'.
Please save me from myself - Lord I need Your mercy.
Playing the cards I've dealt. Oh Lord please search me now.

Save me Lord from who I am, without You.
(I surrender)

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