Shine On (Side A End) by Ty Brasel

Song Lyrics

Shine On (Side A End)
by Ty Brasel

Album: Destined For Greatness

Tell me to look at the rose
I️ see the rose petals
Early when I️ just awoke
I️ rose up from a dream sweating

Verse 1
Beautiful melodies turn bitter than lemon juice
Memories intimately intimidate
Me and the room, yeah
Playing me like strings with no tune
I️ wish that I️ could control things
Guess I️t's part of my God complex
But when I️ lost my way
That's when I️ found me
Write my wrongs it slowly free
The hole in me the more I bleed
The more I heal
Cleansing my sin, washing regrets
Healing my soul, grip on the pen
Keeping me level, if I️ just write out this letter
Telling my stories, then I️ find peace in the fire
Helping you through
I️ know one day when the day comes
I️ played my role now roll the tape
Just let I️t play as it play on
Look at the mercy Abba Yahweh
Look at the long nights I️ was in aingst
Beaten and downcast for days
Demons divise and torment my mind
I️ preserve for the people who can't, yeah
I️ persevere so my life not in vain, yeah
I️ persevere cause God get the say, yeah
And the last say final
Seal it shut in the vinyl frame
Guess I'll be good this time around
Cause I️ got good fate, yeah

Tell me to look at the rose
I️ see the rose petals
Early when I️ just awoke
I️ rose up from a dream sweating
Mhm hmh

Verse 2
Through all my trials and tribulations
I️ lift my head to the sky
Through the valley of shadow of darkness
I️ survived
It ain't no secret to me
I️ know for a fact that this story divine, yeah
Its written just look at the the journey design
I️ been though hell 9 times
Look though look like I️ got 9 lives
I️ know heartbreak, chest pain
Fake smile, fighting tears
Ready to die, nightmares
Anxious, lightheaded
Paranoid, cautious, Insomic yeah
That's more what my life like
Say it twice for the emphasize
It never leaves no it never dies
Sometimes I️ feel like I'll never win
When will we get a compromise
When will it be too much for me
How much pain fore one man OD
God said no more than you can bear
But bear with me I lose sleep
Please bear this weight my strength weak
I'm calling out for release
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm calling out for release
Please God will you set the kid free
Set the kid free oh, oh
If I️ get high enough inside the outermost
I️ could come back with heavens hopes
Standing on top of this mountain I see it
Glory and triumph from Zion my Freedom

"Mike Curb & The congregation: 'Nobody Knows'"
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but Jesus
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory hallelujah
Glory hallelujah

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