Climb The Hill by White Heart

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Climb The Hill
by White Heart

From the back of the crowd he was straining to see the arc of a body in agony,
That morning he heard the anger and noise, but somehow this passion had stolen their voice,
Oh, he longed to believe in this magical man,
Heard the tale of his wonder throughout all the land,
The alchemy of a lonely soul poured love into sadness and turned it to gold,
Now the wood and the nails have captured those magical hands,
Yet deep in his eyes burned a vision he could not understand,
In the black of the noon he felt a chill, for those eyes stared at him, crushing his will,
Drawing him closer, closer still,
Climb the hill.

Now the movers shake and the shakers move, crushing the innocent under their shoes,
Their dark, wounded cries spill like blood on the land,
And I can't seem to feel my heart or my hands,
Cry out all ye people,
Cry out for liberty,
Come young and old, we should fall down on bended knee,
Let the dew of Heaven wash over us all,
Let his love and his passion cover us all,
Drawing us closer, closer still,
Climb the hill.

Iron curtains are torn in two,
The living dead can break out of their tombs,
Hope will arise from the ashes of doom,
Climb, (climb, climb, climb)
Oh, climb, (climb)
Climb the hill,
Ooh, gonna climb, (climb, climb)
Gonna climb,
Climb the hill,
Look deep in his eyes,
Climb the hill, oh.

Gonna climb, climb, climb, oh climb,
Climb the hill,
Climb, climb, climb,
Climb the hill.

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