Age 8 Freestyle by YB

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Wings of An Angel by YB

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Age 8 Freestyle
by YB

Album: Wings of An Angel

Yeah, they prolly hate to see it
But I'm gon' make some noise, onomatopoeia
Yeah, I know they wanna drown me
I fell in love with God and He crowned me son
Yeah, still light up
I grab my notepad and I write up since
Age eight, had a dream and passion
Shoutout to Miss Beverly, she seen the magic, man
Yeah, still gassed 'em
They tried to shut me down, still passed 'em
Man, it's all glory to the King though, yeah
Still fightin' in the ring though, yeah
Never had a girlfriend in college
Graduated, hit my wife wit' a ring though, man
I got heroes in my call log, and I ring those
Before I board the plane
That's okay, 'cause I'm so bored with names
If it ain't G.O.D., homie, please
Give me space, six feet, homie, breathe, man
And the flow been gas
And I ain't gon' bag if the flow been snagged
And I ain't gon' ask if the flow been pass
'Cause since age eight, man, the flow been gas, aw man
Not petroleum, still not petrol
Dream like long ropes, I won't let go, man
It's all God to Him
Since age eight, wide eyes to Him
Yeah, I gotta see it all
The Holy Spirit my best friend
'Cause nowadays best friends be too close to you
Just to see the fall, peep through the fog
Swear my mind in drive mode
I've been ten toes down since the tenth grade
When God your only one, you can take the other ones
'Cause I swear, with Him I could still get it ten ways
Light really drive out darkness
Like the car sittin' in the parkin' lot too long in a tint fade
They gon' try to clown you for the dream 'til it change, man
I had to jump so many times to it
I swear I had to put my mind to it
God gave me my own label
No budget, no team, but a dream and I signed to it
My fears drew a line in the sand
But I thought about the Cross so went back and drew a line through it, man

Yeah, for life

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