Glass Ceilings by YB

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Glass Ceilings by YB

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Glass Ceilings
by YB

Album: Glass Ceilings

Uh, yeah, no-no-no
Record it, record it
We're goin' in like this

Verse 1
The summer of 2011, I lost everything and I witnessed the drought
Totaled my vehicle out on the road and I barely could breathe when they mentioned amounts
Look to the sky, know I need help
Look for the sun, all I get is the clouds
Called up my sister when I hit the campus and she answered the phone and she hit the account
Now I'm back up
Looked at my plan and adjust
It got so harder to trust
Cancel my friends after the graduation 'cause when you a giver, it's never enough
I had nothin' to say
Slept in a garden of snakes
Far from me playin' it safe
I was runnin' from God, His plan and His call
I didn't even know He was keepin' me safe
I hit the bottom, I called up my mama
She gave me the truth and was prayin' for me
Life ain't a game, but you in the circle
And runnin' from purpose and playin' for keeps
They scream "YOLO", I went solo
That same night, I went and dropped to my knees
The weight of the world I kept on my shoulders
For all of my life, was traded for peace

Yeah, cool
Yeah, uh

Verse 2
The game getting pressed like articles
Yeah, out for delivery, take it where Martians go
They want to limit me, I'm where the ceiling be
He been toe-tagging all of my enemies
I've been body bagging up the energy
I'm in the streets like a city with Mardi Gras, uh, yeah, huh
Out in the crowd, ain't no more turning it down, huh, yeah, huh
You not a king, I don't see the thorns in your crown, huh, yeah, huh
It ain't a show when the troops come to your town, huh, yeah, huh
A new Heaven and Earth
I'm gon' live life in the clouds, yeah, yeah
But anyway, I reach for a mic and dinner plate
Heaven my home and the house so big
I'ma need a tour like I'm selling dates (Hoo, woah, woah)
Hold that thought, I meditate
Lost my way in 2013
Got the key of life, that's a better place (Yeah)
I'm really from that bottom
I ain't have a dad with the richest rags, so I focus on what matters
And my coach put me in
Now I'm on the field and I got 'em
Well, I guess it's safe to say
It's really about to be a problem
Uh, yeah

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