JesusFlow by Young Noah, Flame

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Mixtape, Vol. 2 by Young Noah

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by Young Noah, Flame

Album: Mixtape, Vol. 2

Jesus Flow (x6)

Verse 1: Young Noah
I see you lookin with your lookin self
I know I’m fly dead in Christ yea I’m fly to death
No Jesus beast on my chain
No tats but the kids still unashamed
I’m headed to your hood bout to reak havoc
Flippin through the script like some jill ?
In my lane since I changed know I’m fantastic
Going crazy for the Lord no straightjacket
I used to roll up, blow up
Now the very thought of sin make me throw up
I told my old homie that they need to grow up
And get ser bout the Lord ‘fore He show up (please)
Jesus flow I tell em retweet
Red letter game red eight army
Sow seeds in the street, concrete, farming
Get ‘n my knees and pray that they sprout in the morning

Sights still clean, looking at the Lord
Noah's ark feeling, shouting all aboard
You read the tweet, peeps you already know
I’m turning up #JesusFlow!


Verse 2: Flame
L-Lot of rappers talkin jesus that’s a great start
Ch-Christian rappers talking culture and in great art
But when I mention Jesus it’s in a different way
A different mindset a different motiva
I’m on my Jesus flow, let me ‘xplain what I mean
You see the jersey homie (jersey homie) u know the team (you know)
Play for the King, west side colors, its black and white (white)
Tell the world that He could be coming back tonight
I tell the world when I see them (they be gettin twisted)
Then I ask who they believe in (they thing that they Christian)
I-I ain't dissing, I-I ain't tripping, I’m just pointing out
The definition of a Christian has been pointed out
Do you think the description, life and lips are consistent?
Cause if they’re not then it’s obvious something is missing
Listen, all I’m saying is if you love Him, G
Then just live it out, #SuckaFree



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