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Andrew Farley
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Andrew Farley is the pastor of Ecclesia: Church Without Religion and author of "The Naked Gospel", "God Without Religion", "Heaven is Now", and "Operation Screwtape."

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Hi Andrew As believers we are baptized into Christ by the Holy Spirit.. Why do so many pastors tech we must be water baptized? Thanks so much - guest / Aug 19, 2021

Hi Andrew, can you please explain what does it mean to work out salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12)? - guest / May 13, 2020

- I just listened to the program right now what did Jesus say about salvation what is written about salvation from him and the father? The Savior says those who endure to the end! - guest / Mar 20, 2020

I just recently started listening to this program and love it!! - guest / Nov 24, 2018

Monday February. 23,2015. Awesome discussion! - guest / Feb 23, 2015