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Christian Worldview
Tony and Hannah

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Christian Worldview with Tony and Hannah heard Monday through Friday on Christian Talk 660AM and 92.9FM

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As an unlearned person, I'd like to make a simple comment. Teach the Word of God, stand behind the word of God. God's simple truths will solve all those problems you have. His charge must go forward - Dec 2022

Encouraging to me during my walk with our Lord. - May 2022

Love you guys! - Dec 2021

Super job today (4/22) in your conversation with the lady named Candace. Just excellent! - Apr 2021

Where are the podcast updates? The last one I can find is Friday's show (3/26). - Mar 2021

Heard a portion of your program this morning. Thank you for your encouragement. People must speak up or suffer the consequences on earth or hell for keeping quiet - Mar 2021

Awesome. Amy Coney Barrett is the 9th judge. - Oct 2020

We need more programs like this throughout North America to share reality, truth and our christian faith - Oct 2020

Love your programme, all the way from Switzerland - Oct 2020

I LOVE this program because they're not afraid to speak up about the things going on in this crazy world and they keep it biblical. - Sep 2020

Living in Charlotte, I listen by way of the appl. Enjoy and if i miss the daily broadcast there is always the pod cast. I need the Christian viewpoint on a daily basis. Thank you. - Jun 2020

Great show love Tony and Hanna - Apr 2020

Great show - Apr 2020

I need this on Alexa for my mom - Feb 2020

Why is this show not available on the Alexa app? - Aug 2019

How awesome to find a show that is Christian first, yet discuss things like Hannity, Limbaugh, Elder, etc discuss. Way better than 94.5 or 106.3 because its NOT slanted local. - Aug 2019

This program should be recognized as one of the best of all - Jun 2019

Love to Listen to Tony and Hannah every morning while taking grandkids to school. - Jan 2019

Difference between anger from a politician or passion and media fishing emotional pictures for angry reaction.All of the corruption with "polite" people has created mistrust - Jun 2018