...Falling? by Andy Mineo

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Never Land 2 by Andy Mineo

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by Andy Mineo

Album: Never Land 2

A-A-Andy Mineo, where are you?

Don't want a girl whose only talent is just looking good
Had to switch the paradigm, I know the booking good
Don't gotta explain when it's understood
Only thing I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish you good
Right back where we left off (I'm right back for you)
Sit down, this my TED Talk (Talkin', it might take a while)
My bad, I took so long but life got in the way, yeah (Yeah)
Fallin' out of love (Yeah)
Fallin' out of touch (Yeah)
Now I'm fallin' up (Yeah)
Say they fallin' through (Yeah)
I ain't fallin' for it (Yeah)
How I'm feelin' numb (Yeah)
Feeling like I want the feeling like when I begun (Yeah)
Don't feel like a son (Yeah)
Tryna remember somethin'
Be forever young (Yeah)
This that Never Land (Yeah)
But we never run (Yeah)
A con artist I don't like, I never met me one
Jesus, save me from Christians (Yeah)
The ones that stay forgettin' (Yeah)
Before y'all hold a grudge, you should hold a beer (Yeah)
Before you hold a stone, you should hold a mirror (Yeah)
Been a lonely year, uh (Yeah)
Been a COVID year, uh (Yeah)
Y'all stay over there (Yeah)
Got some Kobe gear (Yeah)
This ain't Kobe beef (Yeah), nah, this A5 (Yeah)
I don't smoke the reef (Yeah), it gives me anxi' (Yeah)
Say that you ain't racist (Yeah), you know a black guy (Yeah)
In your Air Jordans (Yeah), you just got baptized (Yeah)
Man, this whole town (Yeah) give me bad vibes (Yeah)
And my pronoun is just "that guy"
Don't be, don't be that guy

Am I fallin' from the sky or fallin' in Your hand? (Nah-nah-nah)
Is it a disguise or is it in your plan?
Can you tell me why when I don't understand? (Nah-nah-nah)
Am I at the end or did I just begin? Huh
Show me (Nah-nah-nah)
Show me (Nah-nah-nah, show me, show me)

Andy, don't forget me

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