The Introduction by B. Cooper

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The Introduction by B. Cooper

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The Introduction
by B. Cooper

Album: The Introduction

Verse 1
Beats like this are the reason that I started writing
To weather the storm you heard the thunder? I saw the lightning
And felt the rain window panes covered hard to find the
Good times like Waldo I'm trying to find the lines that
I can speak that'll open heart, surgery
Stick to the truth while dudes committing perjury
In this court of law, judge and jury work for free
The gavel hits harder than the drums on one of Dirty's beats
So it's back to the pavement laying in the streets
Trust God but in the end keep friends closer than enemies
Hear the shots, I ain't talking alcohol or energy
The medicine inside my veins vaccinates the industry
Assassinate like killer bees that act of hate that's killing me
Attack the fake that's real in me, pulling me towards misery
But the old me's gone, history
Pull the curtains back, the introduction of a real MC

Verse 2
Beats like this are the reason that I started rapping
At a young age when I realized they all were clapping
Used it to fuel my depression, call me Clapton
So many tears from heaven need to get my heart a napkin
Sick and tired of all the corners that I'm always backed in
Every wall in front of me? All imagined
Had to learn to make my own plays, call me Madden
I just speak from the heart, wouldn't even call it rapping
Push hard, trying to break what I had thought were habits
Just sick of coming up short like August fashion
If you heard my last album probably caught me bragging
So I traded cockiness in for what they call the passion
Thought I had to hit hard, resort to talking trash and
Be a dope rapper, that's what I call entrapment
Trying to get a deal, considered it bargain rapping
The game's stupid, cupid, I call it heart assassin

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