Troubled Waters by B. Cooper

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The Introduction by B. Cooper

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Troubled Waters
by B. Cooper

Album: The Introduction

Verse 1
Another 24 hours pass, sand fills the bottom of my hourglass
Feels like I'm out of gas, had to learn to shower fast
Cause the hot water disappears quick, got the bill but I'm out of cash
I've already got a stack
And I can't save it so I pray that these candlewicks I've got will last
My cable was basic, now I've got to pass
In the mirror saying Usher's lyrics, like "You Got It Bad"
Man it's cold outside, my room is no better
And the weight that I take on my shoulder is no feather
The hate that's breaking my faith and chasing away
Any chance I'll get taken away, is like an old letter
Cause no matter how many times I try
Or read it, it never changes, in the end, I die
Spent my whole life thinking the truth was a lie
Now in the midst of my struggle I cry out God, why

Verse 2
Cause it's hard for me to understand the pain
Love to see the flowers, but don't wanna need the rain
Coach pulled me off the bench, how I'm stuck in this game
Rather have a dollar bill, guess I'm reluctant to change
And they say, that I shouldn't complain
Like they've walked in my shoes, or thought in my brain
Or talked in my voice, or drove in my lane
Or fought for my joy, or could hold up my strain
But, this is my cross to bear
Not a pendent on a necklace that your child wants to wear
But a burden full of stress that has my eyes full of tears
Something's screaming I can make it, but I'll die full of fear
Cause it's too hard to dream
When there's so much on my mind that I'm too scarred to sleep
And my body wants to die, so my heart can be free
But my soul gives me life, so I've got just to breathe
That's what I call inspiration
Pick up the phone, call in to stations
Life's backwards, its hard just to face it
So if you're struggling, relax you can make it
Those are the words that pulled me through the dark nights
Don't get it twisted, never had a hard life
Just bad vision, never looked through God's eyes
Til I realized that I'm blind if I don't try

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