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by Canon

Album: Work - Single

Ok i been on my grind then y'all know I ain't chillling no
You can check my eyelids 6 am is when I doze off
Im in my zone, and don't you wake me ever, it's all good but I need cheddar
So I gotta go

Chorus :
I'm working when I'm gone and I get it in when I'm home

Verse: 1
It's full time up in this industry
Music my girlfriend so I let my lady speak and If she talking best believe she make my cheddar cheese
Some of us gotta live up off these shows so this ain't make believe

No sir no fairy tale,
I gotta do this very well
if don't work then ain't no songs
No paper trail

It Ain't bout money but I got bills
I had it up to here
I Ain't tryna roll up in the deep cuz I ain't Adele

Ohh this is how we livin man
And I don't need 100grand to stay 100 hundred man

It's a reality that I am,
So I gotta work till the final end


Verse 2:
This is how we do it
Been in this for a long time
They looking clues
Cuz they done thought I lost my mind

No it ain't bout money nope
Bank roll
Every body every body out go
Working hard gotta work that job
Couse you cannot have a Brotha live without dough

Wheather working at a part time
Or a 9 to 5
This right here is my 9 to 5

Every show every track
Gotta come up with the product that a make you vibe

So Aye yuy yuy
We hustle hard,
Tryna kill the a track, so eat my bars
Eat these bars?

Coming with adrenaline hitten and killing instrumentals all for God

No arrogance I just Can't settle wit, me not being relevant im
peddling straight to my success
High than I ever been

I'm Adamant bout making sure my messages stay adequate
This how I'm living, Couse i I i don't get no salary

This ministry plus industry
I works from my home, so while I'm up till 6 am don't you disturb when I'm in my zone Couse you know I

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