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Album: City of God

Two men sharing doubts, "the Lord's tomb they cleared it out
many spoke rumors of His posthumous whereabouts!"
"We thought this dude would conquer nations"
a third observed their mood and somber faces, said "not to intrude, but what's the conversation?"
This was confusing them
"this man must be an outsider this is all the news within Jerusalem!"
"The topic? Anticipation, they strongly made us stop it
when they killed the long awaited prophet!"
Um, stop let's see
the carpenter who hung on carpentry fulfilling prophecy? Eli, Eli, lama sabacthani
mad archaic, Aramaic but He had to say it displaying the Lord's sovereignty!
Search the scriptures to solve every clue
My God, my God why have U forsaken me? A veiled reference to Psalm 22, beyond the pentateuch in the poetic books blatantly!
This wasn't a fierce plan of defeat
Verse 16 they pierced his hands and his feet!
As many watched with their loathing
joking, they tore His robe and cast lots for His clothing!
He was carrying their burden
Verse 24, the Lord didn't abhor when He called He heard Him!
If u know the facts its simple, relax your mental
don't believe this weekends past events were accidental!

They showered Him with pain, for power in His name
"Say what?" Please refrain, allow me to explain!
See He caught the hemorrage, to go thru each man's hell
when man fell in Genesis, got kicked off the premises!
The proto-evangel, truth first revealed
remember He'd crush the enemy, who'd bruise up His heel!
He'd be on a wretched mission
brutalized, looking like a new disguise, beaten way
beyond recognition!
Abused, confused by His losing?
Know it pleased the Lord to bruise Him, excuse my intrusion!
Read Isaiah 53, specifically
the messiah portrayed vividly God gave victory!
and how He paid iniquities' debt, when He was stricken to death
this guy's despised and not given respect!
He could be right beside u yet your sight defies you
He's eternal, read it in Micah 5:2!
Don't you find it odd, that His coming announced
in Isaiah 9:6 as wonderful, couns-ellor, mighty God,
Everlasting father, prince of peace is in the word brethren
and His kingdom never ends in verse 7!
Seated at God's right hand in heaven
understand the same Son of man in Daniel 7!
Isaiah said the Messiah heals a lot of diseases
tell me not if its Jesus, healing quadripilegics!
This means He's powerful- just like Jesus
He'd speak in parables- just like Jesus!
Within, their hearts were burning like a fire
as He expounded on the Scriptures concerning the Messiah!

As they approached town, the third who was so profound's
about to go now, cuz the sun's about to go down!
Their souls sort of dampered, with the third on His way
they urged Him to stay and wouldn't take no for an answer!
"It's been a blessed trip
Your wealth and knowledge of the Scripts are impressive, we're hip to the message
about Jesus", as they think upon it
"this cat's familiar but I still can't quite put my finger on it!"
Mind's spinning, as they consider those thoughts
dinner is brought, the third reclines to dine with them!
Outside was dead heat, before they're fed meat
it's their table but the stranger's sitting at the head seat!
Still with His face concealed, at the table's place they kneeled
and observed as the third's words graced the meal!
When He broke bread they gazed in amazement
"destroy this temple in 3 days I'll raise it."

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