King Mode by Emcee N.I.C.E.

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King Mode
by Emcee N.I.C.E.

Album: Iron Dove - The Blessed Coast

(Talk) When your back's against the wall,
And the only thing between you and victory is will,
Man that's when you must lean on the rock,
to persevere...
King Mode!

King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode
I'm showing up, I'm showing out,
I'm turning up, I'm turning out,
I'm pushing the weight and pushing the faith,
I'm going in, i'm going out,
King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode, King Mode
I'm Lining up, I'm grinding out
I'm Pushing through,I'm Climbing out
I'm Crowning up, i'm shining out
Kingdom building, The Lions out!

Verse 1
Everyday i'm grinding
Everyday i'm diggin / all up in the trenches
Everyday i'm mining
Diggin' through the rock, copping all that quenches
Everyday I'm climbing
Busting through the ceiling taking on the villains
Everyday I'm grinning, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Everyday I'm winning, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Pushing through with purpose
From beneath the surface i'm a surface
With the other churches, yeah yeah
Clashing with the madness strike the matches
as the flame resurface
called to serve upon this earth
As I stay cookin, through the circus
I stay cooking through circus
There's no time for second guessing
When your faith is called into question,
And you're, pulled all directions,
belief will cease defeat and keep, and keep you
counting all your blessings
Everybody wants to be a somebody, nobody wants to be a nobody,
Nobody knows if you're walking in the body then watch the way the body glows


Verse 2
Everyday i'm lifting
Everyday i'm in the gym or on the field / calling all to witness
Spiritual Fitness for the quenchin
I'm all in on deliverance, vying to be the difference,
You keep trying to be different, I'm just trying to be consistent
Demonstrating greatness
As I push the rock through the blocks, I'm a shock every player I done prayed with
In the hole with the fox, my soul gotta block, That'll toss you off the pavement
This ain't nothing to be played with, Don't have to be frontin to be shameless
Especially when you're running with the greatness
Moving through the wave, musing with a crave, For a better day with a phew that's 1k,
Aint no option, ain't no stopping, when I'm rockin', All the toxins outta my way
To be great is to have no fear, like daniel and david, yeah,
To be great is to trust him here, like daniel and david, yeah
Everyday I'm shining
Everyday I rock the crown, it's going down, Always on assignment
Kingdom building for the children, I can't wait to show them zion,
And show'em that we are kings, And not the ones always known for violence
Always known for violence, we kings!


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