Wu Name Generator by Heath McNease

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Wu Name Generator
by Heath McNease

Album: Wed, White and Wu
by Heath McNease

(ha ha yeah)
(You actually...rap)
(You're a really good rapper)
(You already know)

Burn a blue flame, the bomb Lussein
Google Docs, newest Crocs and a Wu name
Use it wisely-- Wu name generator
Ralph Nader, Ronald Reager on a ventilator
Walter Mondale was smoking Al Green
Harry Chronic Jr., Joel Osteen,
Mean Joe Green, my flow's so clean
Michael Night, fly a kite, blow a smoke screen
(yeah) Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson,
'89 bad boy Dennis Rodman,
(yup) Joseph Dumas,
go through blue balls
I took it way too far with Punky Brew-star
Chester Copperpot, I'm setting booty traps
Pet her dog a lot, and give her Scooby snacks
she was scrappy, too
I called her Scrappy Doo
Told me call her by her Wu name, I'd be happy to.
Made her honorary Wu
She told me, "Who cares?"
I'm John McEnflow serve, rockin' Wu wear
Headband and some Wallabees--two pair
Rudy Huxtable, Heathcliff, I love you Clair
You there--you're a real standout witcha blue hair
Homie, I'm Jan Crouch (ha)
Benny Hinn Hinn on your chinny chin chin
round here that's a twinny twin twin
type it in

Wu name generator
Wu name generator
Wu name generator
Wu name generator

[Heath McNease]:
(Yo) it's the Greasy Choirboy,
Dionne Warwick, Michael Clarke Duncan make your team on forfeit
but he don't force it
who he on tour with?
Chuck Barry ding-a-ling-a-ling on Porsches
Tom Brokaw, Nikolai Volkoff
Nikita Koloff, you need to take your coat off
Dudley Do Wrong
The Black Bruce Wayne
(pssht) step up your tracksuit game
It's Dick Grayson, sicker than just blazin'
Chicks in the pictures, look at the temptation
Skeeter Valentine, Marty McFly
wisdom of an oracle, and heart of a guy
I'm kinda Kip Dynamite, make a quesadilla,
The white Lionel, what, you made him take vanilla
Mandy Patinkin, Inigo Montoya
You killed my father now prepare to meet with my lawyer
Calaveras County pimpin' out on the bench,
and Harper Lee's out with Scout and Atticus Finch,
Shot a mockingbird and brought it down in a flinch,
and NASA pro'lly wonder where my abacus is
it's Tim the Tool Man
New tan pool man
50 hard boiled egg
Cool Hand Luke, man
The flip-up spec Dwayne Wayne
Tom Palmer, dealer don
try to maintain

[Repeat refrain]

[Heath McNease]:
(Yeah, yeah)
Rudy Ruettiger, Judy Blume compute-de-ter
Off in a Suzuki through the tulip and the junipers
cool it with the Cupid-cursed
dude don't wanna swoop a nurse
only homes call me Zeus, Romans call me Jupiter

Twinkle, twinkle Henry Winkle
Wishin' on a asteroid
Fonzerelli, Jim Belushi, call me "Dan Smackroyd"
Two mother, Blues Brother
Dance all day
Pootie tang gettin' pootie tang,
Sa Da Tay

(sound bite from Donald Glover interview with Jay Leno)

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