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by John Michael Talbot

Album: The Lord's Supper
by John Michael Talbot


Introductory Liner Notes

I would like to explain the nature of the unusual music that comprises 'The Lord's Supper' and its importance to those who participated in its creation.
This is an album of liturgical music. The dictionary defines "liturgy" as a "common work" or "common action." The liturgy of the Church, then, is simply what is done when the Body of Christ comes together - there is prayer, singing, sharing of God's Word, and offering of thanksgiving, and experiencing the fullness of the Kingdom of God through the Bread and the Wine. As this recording was made, the spirit in the studio was a true reflection of a "common work." The "common work" of those from the Body of Christ in Indianapolis - the singers, arrangers, producer, and engineers - was worship of God and the returning to Him of the gifts He'd so freely given each of us. It was, in fact, the selfless giving of everyone involved that makes 'The Lord's Supper' such a joyous experience. The choir of saints behind John Talbot was not a large group of paid was the small band of folks whose pictures grace this sleeve. Few, if any, had ever seen the inside of a recording studio and, quite possibly, might never again. Their enthusiasm - which never waned even during the long hours needed to overdub their voices - was not so much for performing but for explaining and demonstrating that there IS life in liturgy when it is Spirit-led.
You might find it surprising that the lyric content of 'The Lord's Supper' comes almost verbatim from formal liturgies that date back several centures. Equally surprising is how contemporary those lyrics sound when set against modern orchestration. It simply offers further proof of the timeless nature of worship when the participant is allowed, as in this case, the freedom to sing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The power and awe that is manifested by these ancient liturgies has deeply moved even the non-believers that have heard the songs in a semi-completed state.....and for that we can only thank the Lord for an opportunity to witness to His glory in such an unusual way.
Ultimately, 'The Lord's Supper' is not a "listener's" album - it requires participation! Liturgy is for all on behalf of all; and I exhort each in the Body of Christ to become involved in the praises, in the joy, in the total celebration of our loving Father, our Redeemer Jesus Christ, and the precious Holy Spirit!
- George E. Wilson

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  1. A God Thing
  2. A Walk Through the Liturgy
  3. Abba Father
  4. Adventure In God
  5. Agnus Dei
  6. Animus
  7. Apple of Your Eye
  8. Be Exalted O God
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  32. Credo
  33. Dance of the Heavens
  34. Devotio
  35. Devotions
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  37. Dismissal
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  43. Exodus 15
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  47. Foretold Encounter
  48. Forever Will I Sing
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  50. Gift of Finest Wheat
  51. Gloria
  52. Gloria Patri
  53. glory and praise to our god
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  62. Here I Am
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  105. Let Us Sing to the Lord
  106. Lift High the Banners of Love
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  108. Like A Lion
  109. Lion of Judah
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  115. Lux Christus
  116. Magi
  117. Mirror
  118. Monos
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  142. Psalm 124
  143. Psalm 131
  144. Psalm 131 - Come to the Quiet
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  153. Psalm 62 (Only In God)
  154. Regina Ceali
  155. Renounce All
  156. Requiem
  157. Retreat
  158. Revelation Canticle
  159. Sacred Silence
  160. Salve Regina
  161. Sanctus
  162. Send Forth Your Spirit
  163. Send Us Out
  164. Silent Night, Holy Night
  165. Silentium
  166. Sing to the Mountains
  167. Sofia
  168. Spiritus
  169. Spread the Good News
  170. St. Paul's Blues
  171. St. Teresa's Prayer
  172. Suite, The - Medley
  173. Sunset
  174. Surrender to Jesus
  175. Susipe
  176. Table of Plenty
  177. Te Deum
  178. Te Deum Laudamus
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  182. The Bread of Life
  183. The Church: God
  184. The Cry of the Poor
  185. The Incarnation
  186. The Jesus Prayer
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  189. The Mirror of Eternity
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  191. The Spirit of the Lord
  192. The Way Suite
  193. The Woodlands / Praises and Canticles
  194. There's Room Inside
  195. Walk and Follow Jesus
  196. Walk With Jesus
  197. We Are One Body
  198. We Are the Exiles
  199. We Remember
  200. We Three Kings
  201. We Will Rise
  202. Wedding Dance
  203. Where Have You Hidden
  204. Worship and Bow Down
  205. You Will Receive Power