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Weight & Glory by KB

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Go Off
by KB

Album: Weight & Glory

You think bein' meek is weak, huh?
You try bein' meek for a week.

I go by K to the second letter
But my name is a second matter
Give me a second: I'll bring you from Cain to the second Adam
For a slave boy I'm up and at 'em
For the pain boy I'm up to bat
Patient for the win
'Cause we win-slow with these family matters
I'm so convinced
That you won't find no bolder men
Than those of them
That's going in
For holiness
God goes with them
What you know about going harder?
Walk with me through these martyrs
And fathers that barely father
For the Father boy don't get me started
Let me try to break it down
I thought I'd be doing it if I moved a couple pounds
Made a hundred-thousand with the women in the house
But that ain't doing nothing but f-f-following the crowd
If everybody is doing what everybody is doing
You're cool with doing the opposite of everybody is doing
You're going hard for Yeshua
You're going hard in the truest
I promise

I'm goin' off
Goin' harder than I've ever been, I put that on everything

I'm goin' off
Goin' harder than I've ever been, I put that on everything

I was a hot head
Bad attitude
Woulda coulda shoulda been shot dead
Always running my mouth
I'd rather die than be soft man
I've been slammed on my back just to prove that I'm not scared
(turn the other cheek)
Stop playing
Till I met Jesus and really seen just what He's about
He endured the cross
To kill 'em all
Woulda been the easy route
When I first got saved had a dude come up to me
Talking tough to me
Wanted to duck and swing but I walked away that was the tougher thing.
See a Godly man acts different when he's been wronged
He's knows how to overlook offense (a fence) like a peeping tom
It's easy to smoke your problems away with that Cheech and Chong
It's hard to take 'em head on
He mans up before the Lord
What about the brother that discovered that his lover was under the covers with another man (that's hard)
With everything inside you got me wanna go and body him but giving 'em grace instead (that's hard)
What about them brothers who are worried about multiple women but they married and they know they got to be there for their children so they wanna be living their faith and they giving their wife everything

I'm goin' off
Goin' harder than I've ever been, I put that on everything

I'm goin' off
Goin' harder than I've ever been, I put that on everything

I go off: hard for this
No holds barred the Lord is in
No arguments
Keepin' my cool
Faith on fire, no arsonist
It's hard to miss
One one six, yeah
Rep it name
Even when they disregarding this
Our culture don't go hard for this
I know it's tough
When your eyes and your mind seek lust
And your pride is a must
And your lies rise up
To disguise what's what
And you feelin' like quitting 'cause what you tried ain't enough
That's when you take hard
Die daily
Stay on guard
Harder I go for the Lord
Go hard till the day I depart
I, go harder for the Father even if it means I'm martyred or slaughtered or fall
It doesn't matter He bought us
He chose to call us
Somebody planted and watered and these seeds
Increase when He's been through like trees
Breathe ah breathe
Breath in my body
Of the King I'm a product
Chance is slim, but I deem I'm sought out
But He caught us
All us
Guaranteed he got us
So I'm living this thang
Giving the reigns
Even when I know that temptation is tryna slip in this thang
It's so much easier man
To give into sinning like many of the men and women I know who caught up in chains
Steady living in vain
And they sit with no shame
And they slack in the prison
Until they meet up with saints
Who be bringing them change
Yep all in His name
Until they unashamed

I'm goin' off
Goin' harder than I've ever been, I put that on everything

I'm goin' off
Goin' harder than I've ever been, I put that on everything

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