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Album: Tempo - Single

K to the Second letter Jiggy wit' the kid wit' his own style chilling in the city, we should simmer down Coming from the Grammy's with a semi-smile Cuz' we done had more fun serving people in the city, yeah Go and let the beat knock Squad is in the house Smash your Windows, I call it Steve jobs
We ride, We ride
Atta boy, l'mma go Bobby Boucher in the city Handing out that living water boy

I just hit my rhythm, boy
This is not your tempo, boy
l just hit my rhythm, boy
This is not your tempo, boy

Ooh, HGA is simple boy Louie Free, he with me, draw a crowd, no stencil boy, whoo They got Drake to play it safe, l think they conned him
Gotta deal with it, wheel spinning, and l still live it Never chill with it, still winning, in the field with it Put the real in it, no concealing it

But to Him winnin'
Never spill wit it
Didn't kill wit it
But to kill wit it
You could still get it
l could still feel

ln the field, here to seal
Then there's in the field wit us
Really, ain't no fear in us
Really, ain't no fear in us
You might wanna get with us

Way up
All the way up I am as free as my hair
Cut it or comb it, forget it l'ma do what l've been called to do,
not what's expected Just for the
record Just for the record l know...

l just hit my rhythm, boy
this is not your tempo, boy
l just hit my rhythm, boy
This is not your tempo, boy

But this is not your tempo
This is not your tempo
Don't nobody own us
Don't nobody own us
Don't nobody own us

Pull up to the meeting with
ripped jeans and Adidas
The new intellectual is
what you seeing, homie

We can go toe to toe with
any so-and-so
So we gotta pen game and
we just ballin' dawg, aight?
Explicit as ever, vicious as ever
Christian and clever, diss it dismiss it
this is just better
Vision is better
Making high art

But high art can't revive hearts
l'm a do this God talk
Don't need a pity ya party the party l'm a part of imparts partials of pardons Can't pick apart any part of the pick don't want no part of it l played a artist, now pardon what my partners did l think i know what we revealing Life is over, Easy, everybody's shell cracked l, holdin my dignity never said that we got bigger fish to fry, know when to scale back

l just hit my rhythm, boy
(l just hit my rhythm, boy)
You can't match my tempo, boy
l just hit my rhythm boy
And you can't help but fear love

Think l found it, l
Think i found it, l
I think l found my rhythm, boy

Not one blemish does He see
When l placed all my burdens on
He washed them all from me

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