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Aftershow by LZ7

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by LZ7

Album: Aftershow
by LZ7

When my head takes off like a runaway
And my heart says to turn back the other way
And the world outside's got a lot to say, it's ok
Gotta shine like a star in the universe
Be a different kind of crazy, a different shade of crazy
Cra cra, cra cra….

Alright, alright ok, I do this everyday
50 shades of cray, I ain't like what you think
I'm thinkin that you're worth more than you know
Like diamonds, platinum, gold, don't have to fit the mould
When they say drop it low, pick it up and dance the night away
This club is going off, this beat is goin off
My crew we set it off, raising standards like a boss
This place about to blow, let everybody know
We 50 shades in 3, 2, 1 – now go

This beat is naughty, so supersonic
It gets up in your brain brain, drive you cray cray
So get up on it, dance flexotronic
And let this beat just play play play play, play

Yeah everybody, this time we do it
Gotta ge-ge-get, put your hope right there

Yo mannz takin this on a hot one, goin in on this thing for real
Seen many man fall by the wayside, yeah they fell for the sex appeal
Make sure that ya man not a wrong one, gyal wait for the knee and still
See I was that boy on a long one, yeah I wanted to seal the deal
Now I'm a different kinda crazy, I'm still a bit ADHD
When I realised it was diamond, I ain't lookin for that b-b-baby
Let the gold flash on that finger, like it's supposed to be
Get jumpin on the crazy train get with it, don't throw your gold away

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