Strobot by LZ7

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by LZ7

Album: Aftershow - Festival Edition
by LZ7

When the strobe goes off it's time to do the strobot
We've got a strobe and you do the robot
Put the two together and yes, you got the strobot
When I say strobe, you robot strobe!!

Everybody's waiting for the Q
All the people in the crowd and the lighting guy too
Even if you see a fire you know what you gotta do
Keep dancing like a robot waiting for the fire crew
Ya meter's running low, power's tripping gonna stop
I gotta mate sorts me credit from the shop
Catch me bus the strobot when I top up
Plug it in, plug it in, charge it up, charge it up

You see you're feelin my energy at the minute I'm feelin it passin all thru my digits it makes me twitch like a fidget
Electric bill gon' be sinning and it's goin right thru the ceiling and when I get it I'll bin it and pretend I never seen it
You see you got no excuse, even your mum knows the moves, I see her secretly trying it whilst she's watching the news
I'm seein all ya debating sayin LZ7 gon' crazy, we just goin back to our basics, we gonna dance til we drop

Charge it up, charge it up, fully fill it to the top
Plug it in, plug it in, it's about to begin
Belly flop when it drops, back flip, mosh pit
Coz we're winning do your thing, we're about to go in
When I say strobe, you robot strobe!!

Wanna see ya jumpin off the walls, security gonna shut the doors
No-one leaves til we bounce some more, let me hear ya noise now
Strobot is what ya body's for, 230 joints, better use 'em all
This is the calm right before the storm get ready for the drop now

When I'm saying how, you can do it all night
You can strobe anytime, if you turn out the light
You cannot do it and dance, then still you'd be a no-bot
Or let the music take control strobot!!

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