Guns & Roses by RedCloud

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Guns & Roses
by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1 (Jayo Felony)
I came in this hit banging man Iím going through pain God I cant take no more of this stressing and these migraines I know that crip walking in church ainít right and out of spite I might trip with every set I got beef with aíight Iím obsessed with my strap I love and pamper my gun Iím OOG like Grady on Sanford and Son Iíll always see there see there see square nothing between us but air busting like we care yeah yíall cats get jerked like jerked chicken then get thrown back to the lions and devoured for snitching slit your throat for trying to loc youíll get carried loc' getting all down on henny or fluid we roll to overload the hospital with bleeders and we got another spot for you if you cant afford seaters make Ďem run as fast as cheetahs cause we all had heata's and we donít need no managers that think they feed us.

Chorus (Tonex)
Well thereís guns and then thereís roses
youíve got real ones youíve got posers
youíve got talkers and youíve got soldiers
keep friends close and your enemies closer
are you Pharaoh are you Moses
are you wise with all your choices oh yeah
youíve got talkers and youíve got soldiers
Well thereís guns and then thereís roses.

Verse 2 Ė (RedCloud)
I reign in this here game and Iím blowing your brain with that golden glow frame when your low in propane I know that you could find new life in Christ and by the light I might pray for every crew I got beef with aíight Iím blessed with my raps my pen and pad and my drum faith like Abraham holding a sword to his son Heíll always be there, be there be very aware of your area and stare at all the despair yeah the way that we be rocking homies all love whether underground backpack or all thug utter words thatíll hurt or murder all chumps punks jump up to get beat down in all clubs but the blood of Jesus well it writes my songs so when I feel a wack vibe well I donít stay too long dreadlocks pulled back black bandana bullet loco and RedCloud santana.

Bridge Ė (Eek-A-Mouse)
Fight for power not for color red or white or blue defend my family and crew when an enemy pass through read your Bible as a disciple and the Bible it tells you an eye for an eye eye eye eye eye a bye for a bye bye bye bye bye a boom for a boom budda ba boom boom boom a bow for a bow bow wow wow wow wow

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