My People by RedCloud

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My People
by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1
alright then, alright then i walk inside of the cipher smiling faces lighting up when I start free styling ice pick hiding like on Rikers Island Try to bite it and you値l catch a sidekick to your tripes and tri tips your lips and side ribs hybrid rhymes against you slimy pirates I知 irate already my face is all red and sweaty ill bet your representative will get severed in 7 seconds serviced that way without the severance pay an arrogant way of waging a war with a warlord my 44 fires through the orcs of mordor tournament style of the finest fighting ignited a giant private environment on the island of Thailand eyes scanning wisely through the sky for raindrops wide span coverage its live in Bangkok heads up I知 bouncing out the house in a tank top payphone change on my way to the train stop ruggedest terrain to obtain the brain thoughts live shows getcha the stage props amazing

my people my people attention all my people

Verse 2
perform the terrific flows before I was 4 minutes old microphone like umbilical chord- the formulas born don稚 want my peoples to mourn I want my people to swarm incite a tribal revival and swing their spiritual swords heroic voyages check it look at my stoic expression connected well with the lesson a private taxi confession a yellow taxi, fellow cabdrivers span of attention what a triumphant resurrection now- the prince has ascended well accredited veteran with a vendetta for the senator a quick witted headline inside the letter for the editor. a predator prowling around the okay corral and you hear it growling so loud that the sound is drowning you out no more clowning around, sit down and silence your mouth I知 riding psycho like a pilot I知 as light as a cloud I知 with Christ and I知 proud the crowd has just crash landed nobody痴 taller than the last man standing

Verse 3
its tinted for intimacy it isn稚 what you think it is this isn稚 Hennessey cogniac ain稚 no liquor in this all you snickering kids could lick a toilet bowl lid and drink the water through a straw or through a licorice whip ill sip an icy cold jamba juice to the root of my tooth if you could show me a rapper who痴 iller than me with proof I知 down with battling groups, go ahead and gather your troops ill damage faster where you stand and you cant handle the truth

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- I love your songs - guest / Apr 30, 2016

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