Night Owls by RedCloud

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Night Owls
by RedCloud

Album: Traveling Circus - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Night owls, here comes Red
Iced out, flyest threads
Lights out, cypher vets get
Wiped out, fallen dead
We're all in debt to God's vendetta
Called in the depths to God's red letters
Hard to rep a cause that's left with
Oohs and ahhs, applaud the gifts
We uplift the triple set
With guitar riffs and instruments
We formed this craft record this track
Fight ends right now, throw in the towel

When you hear me flowing do my eyes start glowing bro?
Could you hear me roaring like that Lowenbrau logo yo?
Yeah you do, man it gets manic when I handle it
You feel the live vibe bringing light like a candle lit
And I get manuscripts scribbled with a fluid pen
Yo, who be him?
He be RedCloud and he gots his crew with him
Look at sin set it off like 7 when I'm reving off
Melee make an emcee pray, prepare for native holocaust
I'm a master in disaster in cyphers that I enter in
Righteously I might just slaughter Scriptures from the NIV
Blatantly, empty thoughts are settled off a quarter notch
Temperatures and metaphors are melting in a kettle pot
Cosmic voyages will boil as I hunt for you
Let me be blunt with you (do you have a blunt with you?)
No but sirROC does, his beats got me buzzed
Buzzing like a bumblebee's wings when you are hearing us


All is doable, when I sit and write here in my cubicle
To be cool to drop and pull with band aids on my cuticles
Fingers flipping, booing all till we black and blue 'em all
You ain't all that, that is what you lack
And Enfamil and Similac, you are similar to that
Biblical hymnal, coming in lyrical digital
We're living in a miracle, scientific spiritual
Miniscule finger puppets, pucker up for supper
We're untelevised, telekinetic
And swelling of the skeleton, ante up and let me in
Aspirin and medicine for medical attention
Reservation comfort in buffering the suffering
Better gang way, hanging on the AK
Connected to the section, wrecking shop like Melee hey
Hey, 7th heaven wordplay, word life any day
Planet Earth day


9 inch nails in His wrists and His feet
And I'm gripping on my Bible for the rest of the week
Speak brittle into civil citizens on the street
And they will creep out the creepy bittersweet symphony
Wisdom in the night, night owls flip in flight
And grip into the side of the snake before it bites
Before you know it vipers will strike before your eyes
Dude a lot of ninjas hate and are out for my demise
Murderous, murky, melancholy men, melodies are melting in
Blending with the 7th Heaven planets
And believe you me well indeed come through
With our lost paradigm, paradigm, we rhyme
Realize we might ski the whole cyphers icy
Chilling in the Celsius living lovely
Take on me, take me on
I'll be strong, you'll be gone

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