The Time Has Come by RedCloud

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The Time Has Come
by RedCloud

Album: Hawthorne's Most Wanted - Instrumental
by RedCloud

Verse 1
if you could come keep me company homie its on and poppiní in complete harmony only for bobbing noggins come on you oughta come to your senses and then exit in back come back and your asking for immaculate rap the dragon of rap the random freaking panic attack my cloak and daggers so accurate cracks me up to react its combustion nonchalantly or not you ainít compatible to battle me at the drop of a dime Iím gonna find out if 5 to life fits the crime and cry out to the the Father of Life Come hum along to the song the sound of Saturday come sing the jingle the single and be that as it may people by the masses kick that constant nonsense out of the ordinary like an ostrich omelet come run a muck in the murky muddy water welcome to the monster trucks only alma matter a modern all metal automobile from the ghetto we keep it real from the ceiling and steering wheel to the pedal compressed in this present day Babylonia no compassion for the hungry and lonely and cold so it is told to the globe young and the old what profits a man with no soul yo low and behold

why donít you come to the river where there is understanding come and see the masters plan and for those who have eyes that can see you could see it so clearly its He

Verse 2
come come please come inside its alright its our night its open mic night oh can I write I mean can I rap I seem delighted to lean beside that meanest hi-hats Iíve seen tonight stream of light in this dream of mine seem to like it donít think you mind spinning sidekick Iím feeling fine Iíll bring the rhythm of a million man march in a minute man ill bring Ďem where the minivans parked got peter pans freedom and heart and Iíll defeat them and beat them and I donít need a fast start NASCAR racecar hey star fade away to face the phase 808 to bass ill take the place of a famous face man I miss the underground and I hate this place come and get some yíall donít really want none yíall ainít really ready for defending the city uh huh the American amendment has ended and stopped enemies have entered the center is hot never been caught by any arrogant cop mmm drop straight to the top whether you like it or not whether a mic or poplock DJ or what not

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