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Off Season by Serge

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Old and New
by Serge

Album: Off Season

Sample of "Back to the Future"
I'm from the future
I came here in a time machine that you invented
Now I need your help to get back to the year 1985

Verse 1
Oh yeah
Off Season
Check it
Heart so black like the colour
That's word to my mother, I was livin' undercover
Suckers told me go ?, gotta stack up your ?
And when you get to heaven rack a good deed
So I did that
Never carried a gat
Or 9 millimetre guns that went bap-bap-bap
I never robbed anyone like give me your 1's
Except on Grand Theft Auto but that was for fun
Anyway, I wasn't a killer
A thug, drug dealer
A decent little brother you can even ask my sister
Yeah, wasn't a maniac
All I really want to know is where the party at
? smoke up 'til they coke up
? the kids, get drunk, throw up
Thought that was stupid so I never did that
I was like yo, that's wiggity, wiggity, wiggity, whack
Never thought I would ?
So I wasn't righteous
But Christ and took me from old to new
Turned from my sin and ? was cool
Like that

(Jump, jump)
You feeling clean better
(Jump, jump)
You been redeemed better
(Jump, jump)
Off Season make you
(Jump, jump)
Now what I mean better
(Jump, jump)
You feeling clean better
(Jump, jump)
You been redeemed better
(Jump, jump)
Off Season make you
(Jump, jump)
Now what I mean better

Sample from "Back to the Future"
If we could somehow harness this lightning channel it into the flux capacitor it just might work
Next Saturday night, we're sending you back to the future

Verse 2
Hello guys
You want to travel time
Well my name is Serge, I'll be your travel guide
Make sure you have enough gas for the ride
I mean imagine with me when I put this thing in drive
So we safely arrive
Make sure all hands and feet are inside
Now put your seatbelt on your mind
Say hello to the new while we travel using rhymes
How you like the new beat
You see it's pretty much symbolic cause it represents the new me
Didn't know I hit rock bottom
Now I'm standing on the rock, tell me how do you like that rock bottom
See I been walking with the Lord for about seven years
Some people thought it was a phase but I'm still here
And by His grace I ain't worried about the sin
No not by the hair on my chiny, chin, chin
It was all ? like twiny, twin, twin
When I got saved, heard a preacher
See the preacher said if you light you can't be friends with the dark
I said what he talkin' 'bout like Pam and Gina
Basically he said you gotta be about it then I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I doubt it
I wasn't 'bout it so I shouted take me on it, all the sins I committed and he did it now I got it
Now I got it
Life everlasting
Threw away them dirty flicks that were under my mattress
But ever been ? the ? cause I'm alive
'Til He take me out this world and I'm verified
So homie this not a gimmick
Feeling so authentic
Well okay I hope you enjoyed the ride
Now go tell your friends you just travel through time

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