Vanity of Sleep by Silent Planet

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Vanity of Sleep
by Silent Planet

Album: When The End Began
by Silent Planet

This is a love affair with consumer despair [1]
An emptiness I can call my own [2]
An arbitrary sanctuary [3]
Where we deposit prayers to a dispensable God [4]

Welcome to the end stage age [5]
Where joy is a pill and love's a prescription
Vaccinated with an outward suspicion
Isolation became a pre-existing condition [6]

Manifested drudge of my mass-manufactured consent
But there's a gaping hole in my consciousness
A deep that cries out to deep [8]

This is a love affair with consumer despair
An emptiness I can call my own
An antidote for mystery
Our indifference is deafening

There's a presence here [10]
It stirs inside the static dissonance of discontent that refused to relent
I built a home overlooking a graveyard
To remind myself I'm still alive
Yet you see a flaw still abides
As I witness an ending that I can't contrive
We watched a golden array of a casket parade
As wealth makes its final display to the ground
I found it strange that even in this place
Death became such a gainful exchange

Give me something to hold, give me something that bleeds
I'll scour the earth for my identity [11]
Is there a cure for a sick society? [12]
So rich in this world, so in debt to ourselves
The network of life in such a disconnect [13]
How many times must we die this death?

Annihilation is all we are
Desolation is everything I know

All we are is all we love [14]
And everything I know is destructible
Artificial heart, obsidian soul
Encircled by dreams that are combustible [15]
We trade the Garden for Cities, [16] the Tree for a Tower [17]
Surrendered our faith, became addicted to power
I know that hope grows inside of the Wound [18]
And I know progress is empty [19]
I must Be Consumed [20]
So I'll dig through these masks 'till I find my face
Separate from the false pretense I embraced [21]
It kills me to know that you'll never find peace
You can have all the world but you'll never be free [22]

Tear the stitches sewn across my existence
Cut me out from this nothingness
Dusk will come and lay to rest our fleeting, fading, silhouettes [23]

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