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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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Born Again
by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Verse 1:
Follow me as I follow Christ, let's walk the road baby, since Jesus I got a new life
He broke the mold baby, renewed and I got new sight, He moved the old baby
Life is different walking in light and it should show baby
No more wild nights, clubbing and wild fights, bussing them loud pipes, hussling foul types
Dog you won't catch me pushing jars of that dro, or flirting with the ladies just to see how far this'll go
And I don't envy all people that you see on TV, I trust the Father that by His riches He'll meet my needs
I get excited thinking about Jesus coming back just to get us, I'm that dude that shed tears over the fact you ain't with us
So I keep it to the right, walking the straight and narrow, no rigid dude but still it's true I model the master
Like directions I follow the Master if we born again they should see our light like Paul on the road to Damascus

Hey I'm born again baby, could care less about flossing, hey I'm born again baby, could care less about that
Hey I'm born again baby, could care less about balling, hey I'm born again baby, could care less about that
Hey I'm born again baby, could care less about flashing, hey I'm born again baby, could care less about that
Hey I'm born again baby, could care less about smashing, hey I'm born again baby, could care less about that

Verse 2:
Temptation runs hard after ya boy so I stand strong, crucify my flesh and stand even if I stand alone
And you won't catch me tripping off they clothes or their fashion because most of them masking who they is posing and flashing
And I done told you we forgot about the wood grain wheel, but that's a notion we boasting that the hood can't feel
Man I don't trip off the ways of the earth plus I'm a pilgrim passing through so I can't stay on this earth
So I don't do this here, for the fame, shiny cars or a icy chain, major clout or a famous name and lose my soul in the process main
To live is Christ and to die is gain, so I live this life in His name, the life to come is where I gain eternal life, we winning main
So best believe I could care less about all of that, over grills or some wheels I can't see myself falling back
Eternal is my perspective you should get this one quick, me living like the world you got me bent like Twan's wrist


Verse 3:
Sanctified living now that should be the aim of the church, like Israel its holiness first til we under the earth
So I seek accountability because I'm prone to flirt, check the Bible, Acts 2 to see community works
So I won't play Alicia like keys cause I know what she's worth, the world boasts about their lust, but hide their pain and their hurt
So we speak of this Jesus that told Nicodemus that life's intraveinus meaning His blood can redeem us,
Spiritual fetus reborn through believing no longer a heathen, grace we're receiving and now I'm born again baby, what a relief to be in Jesus
Set free so I'm finished with chasing the skirt catch me following the Rabbi til I'm covered in His dirt
We stand strong to make a statement for Christ, like Black Power, all possible means, 24 like Jack Bauer
2-4 cause we FOTU, true soldiers who show truth, if you living for the Father stand up it's time to show and prove

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