Houston We Have A Problem by Tedashii

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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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Houston We Have A Problem
by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Verse 1:
We done came up in the game to rep the name, that's the norm,
Not ya big body Lac, fat paper sacks, or your charm
Not your lady-like diva you use to keep you warm
And not the fat happy sack of doja to keep you calm
While you big daddy grilling 'em, Sprewell spinning 'em,
Cadillac killing 'em, the Lord ain't felling 'em
See He's the King and your rocks ain't work a thing
Yet you rock the bling, but you ain't gon' mock the King
Cause the rocks would sing before He let you block His thing,
Man just watch the scene because the Rock He is the King And He throwed,
But you busy worshiping chrome, thick yella bones in the zone
Trying to live life on your own
And the Lord's chilling watching man trust himself while we all sinning,
We front like we don't need His help
But we all missing the fact that trusting in yourself
While you called Christian is still sin in itself

Houston we have a problem, we have a problem,
Houston we have a problem, we have a problem

Verse 2:
Now you know that you should leave the streets,
Puffing sweets, chasing cash from week to week,
But you won't because you fiend to see your dreams
Owning a house at that place where you can see the beach
And easily get them girls that you can see that leave the beach
So she can be your stand for one night in between the sheets
And then you leave, hop inside your 'Lac so you can peep the scene
You keep it clean gripping on the grain as you sip the lean,
Swanging mean, sinning like a pimp? Brush your shoulders off
You can live like a boss, you can floss like a boss,
Pay the cost to rep the North, rock a cross and still be lost
Cause without the savior no neighbor no paper, no Jacob no make-up
Could make up the break up, but make us forsake the Creator
That's why we need a Savior that's why I'm hollering out Jesus,
Drowning in our sin and we need Him to come retrieve us
Believe us, it's time you stopped trusting in yourself,
Plus your wealth, lay aside every weight before you crush yourself

Houston we have a problem, we have a problem,
Houston we have a problem, we have a problem

Verse 3:
So meet the thesis for my reading the bottom line is you need Him,
Plus we're weak and we feening by nature to keep on leaving,
Chasing beauty that's fleeting forsaking how we are breathing
Replacing Jesus with bondage, like boppers, dollars, and pieces
He died to bring us all freedom and rose so we could all meet Him,
I know you heard this on Easter, but feast your eyes on the reason
God would crucify His seeding when we ain't nothing but heathens,
Love made Him cling to a tree when we deserved to be beaten
All that so we ain't gotta trust ourself, trust our health, trust our wealth,
It don't even make no sense cause it's gon' rust and melt
Is it the grain, is it the gal, is it the grill?
Or is it Christ who paid the price so you could live
Or would you rather burn up in Hell for a mill?
I doubt it, you missing that Christians are only Christians in Him
Although we live forever right now we living better,
Cause if you ain't living by grace you'll die by the letter

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