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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

This is our lifestyle, working til our lights out
No 9 to 5 I'm His work at work I mean right now
Give me a clean heart Lord to show your attributes
I pray You take me out this life if I turn my back on You

Verse 1:
The Rock of Ages rocks this nation likes distorted basses, my proclamation- God's amazing His love drives me crazy
My occupation- teaching freedom from the blocks of slavery, like doctor's patients we need saving like adopted babies
Cause we're endentured dead walking to our devastation, but call me Morgan I'm a freeman no more driving Daisy
And by His Spirit He enlightened my heart, gave me a start and showed me that there's hope despite when it's dark, no lie
Cause prior to salvation I was walking in sin, just call me Treach because my nature was as naughty as his
And I was darkened within just like a house without the lights on, til God gave me life like your team when they hear the fight song
And now the fight's on, lifestyle reppin the Father, if sin is Roy Jones then call me Antonio Tarver
Go harder than ballas in college who on scholarship in order to know of the Father through more than just scholarship


Verse 2:
Hey now we crowd corners with Bibles spitting warnings through rhymes with crowds forming bout the One that's coming
Saying bump it if rejected cause they drunk and in dejected, like Paul I'll endure it for the sake of the elected
Working for the Father because works should be the fruit of faith and not the vice versa because works can't bring you saving grace
Then through regeneration it's like He changed the station, He cleans your heart then fixes it to seek sanctification
Thus a new nature from the nomaly that's phenomenal, prodigal to adopted son so I'll go beyond the call
Aw ya'll done messed up and let us in your hood, I rep the Savior who was hazed but He took the wood
This is my lifestyle, nope will never pipe down, until the day that I'm dead I'll cast out this lifeline (2x)


Verse 3:
Elected and I'm born again, justified though born in sin, purchased with a price through Christ my life it now belongs to Him
His workmanship is seen through the workmanship of His work done, me a masterpiece of the Master's piece through His merked Son
Saved to works of righteousness, grace through faith ignited this, there's no condemnation for those clothed in His Christ-likeness
Oh yes I'm a new creature, no sex lying with Sheba, in Christ there's new life not through my might but it's found in Jesus
Since I received His great salvation I'm His master work, He surpassed my work passed me work, that's just how the Master works
Now like I'm in detention in school I'm in position, new life new rights new sight new fight through Christ that's my description
So now I'll walk in the good works that have been prepared for me, God'll work them out I just trust in faith that He's there for me
And live this life with boldness standing to proclaim His name walking in holiness bearing fruit as one who claims His name

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