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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Verse 1:
Eighteen years a flesh and she news to the Lord, 18 years a fish and she's new to the yard
She's a baby drinking milk instead of food that is hard, but she chose to take the challenge though she knew it was hard
Knew what it was to feel pain since she was 2 in the yard, memories of daddy getting merked catching 2 in the heart
Plus her momma was a product of 70s crack parties, the lack of supervision allowed her to act naughty
She skipping all class but goin to frat parties, dressed to kill, dolled up, they call her the black Barbie
She rocks the hottest fashion masking her heart's darting pain behind Greeks saying "Hey, what up shorty?"
She's loving the attention ignoring her conviction because she's up in college getting noticed like evictions
And for the first time it's like she finally found significance, she's catching compliments but at the cost of her innocence

Don't play yourself like that (like that), make a change I'll tell you where it's at (where it's at)
Place your faith in Christ and He'll bring you back, bring you back to reality man
Cause you're stuck in a world full of sin, full of pain, full of scars, money, fashion, and cars
So go ahead and make Him King of your heart and you'll find yourself in Him

Verse 2:
Young dude up in college feeling cocky like 2 glocks, up in the dorm writing Dear Mama letters like Tupac
Mad at the world that's trying to break him into 2 parts, feeling cheated, defeated, he's looking for a new start
His momma lied bout cheating on his daddy, he couldn't trust her, far as he concerned his real daddy was a busta
So since he couldn't discern this stuff, nowhere to turn and trust he burned the kush and turned to lust
Women was his escape, adolescence his scapegoat, all the pressures of life wore him down like he played sports
He played sports but that was just for attention his struggles with insecurities made him feel insufficient
The thoughts of other men concerning him kept concerning him, he thought if he didn't please them then there's no love for him
Prisoned within himself by the vision of himself, so disgusted with life he wished he was someone else


Verse 3:
Nobody told us God wanted a relationship, they just said that He was Master with a patient whip
Out to get me if I chose to forsake His gift saying my sin would be the reason if His patience dipped
And I ain't perfect so I figured that He must hate me, (must hate me) so my hope was to not frustrate things
So I gave Him very Sunday plus my bedtime prayer, and instead of my girl's room I went to bed downstairs
I lived everyday thinking that His love was conditional believing the subliminals that God was never into us
But despite my world views and my girl's views I decided to side with the God who changed my world views
It ain't worth it man to work your hand to plan to please the people, see I'm certain man assertive hands stand to see the cement
All men will bow to this God who's real, and because of His love your significance is


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