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Kingdom People by Tedashii

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We Did
by Tedashii

Album: Kingdom People

Verse 1:
Ok, why did we do it? Cause mommy thought it was too late, the struggle in her flesh got her mixed up just like a Clue tape
She straddling the fence switching back and forth just like two lanes, so we present the grace that's available since this Jew came
Why did we do it? Cause we deny the hand that was given, we'd rather prison before we choose the Lamb that is risen
We're unaware that our hearts are deceitfully wicked, if trusted it'll trick you like Shai Linne when he flipped it
So don't come up in the game tip toein, dip low when we blowin, tip slow and chill upon the fact men going through notions still joking imploding
They lookin up to God for props and mo dollars for collars for poppin, but it on a move, yo crosses, cause lost men seek flossing like bosses
It's 1-1-6 the only reason I live, make it plain like window panes and outfits without appeal
Yes I am young and like Vince I rally, I'm unashamed I stand out like Longhorns in Cali

Because of God's love and grace - that's why we did what we did
For little kids up in the faith - that's why we did what we did
His Son died up in our place - that's why we did what we did
To meet the Father face to face - that's why we did what we did
To show them boys it's not an act - that's why we did what we did
Because the Christ is comin back - that's why we did what we did
To rep His name and hold it down - that's why we did what we did
We grab mikes and say it loud - that's why we did what we did

Verse 2 (Trip-Lee):
Hey, cats always wanna ask us why we made a switch to livin life for the Master
Ain't nothing great as this, we don't be feelin like we have to be smoking and drinking Cris
They don't understand so they be asking why like Jadakiss
We used to be your average dudes main livin just to live with ungodly attitudes, straight content within our sin
But glory to God He snatched us up out of confusion, we ain't fools cause Christ cross shook us like we was hoopin main
We ain't even know that our vision was blurred, was all up in the world, but wouldn't get in the word
You wonder why we dirty south but ain't sippin the syrup, cause He took the crucifixion still was risen on the third
His Spirit took control that's why we some new creatures, taught us everything we know like He was a school teacher
Now we pursue Jesus we ain't livin in sin, cause He snatched us out the pit that's why we did what we did


Verse 3:
Hey it's T-dot, I'm back on your corner up in your hood main, still reaching for them junky moneys grippin the wood grain
Still reaching out to my family just like I should main, even if they blow me off with it's all good main
Cause the truth of the gospel I got it, just like apostles I shout it, loud like little kids who be pouting, til this whole circle get crowded
See the world is undoubtedly cursed with a curse, so we spit a verse with no curse for the reverse of the curse
Children are fighting to live, addicts keep popping them pills, Christians are frightened to spill, passively croppin them fields
I'm unashamed of the God who would take my blame, the lashes on the Master passed me fastly when Jesus came
So reading His word- that's me, witness on curbs- that's me, no 4 letter words- that's me, does this sound absurd? That's me
See through what Jesus did, now we some believer kids, see it's His love that compels us to do what we did

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