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Norf - Single by Tee-Wyla

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by Tee-Wyla

Album: Norf - Single

Verse 1: Aable
Yeah, uh, look, I can show you who the finest is
Finger to the sky, I 'can 'show you who 'your Highness is
Yeah, the prideful don't 'know when to quit
Buddy thought he had the drip, nah, that was just his sinuses
Yeah, we found this treasure, we all kinds of rich
Let your light shine before men, we all kinds of lit
Never been ones for the fake love that's counterfeit
If demons throw punches, these hands land with a counter fit
Yeah, ayy, look, you know what it is
Bet you can get real far if you mindin' your biz
And all that nonsense and deception ain't gon' work on a kid
I heard you cap for a livin' like you workin' at Lidz
Brother, are you a live-in-vain Christian?
Or all about prosperity, a make-it-rain Christian?
Oh not, never mind, I get it, you a sham-playin' Christian
God is only good in celebration, champagne Christian
Yo, get outta here, we got influence over a lotta ears
My brothers tend to get there and be forgettin' what got them there
Then they live like orphans, Bruce Wayne, it's Gotham there
Important if our life lived offstage is not sincere
Man, it's scary when you really know you've gone far
Tryna come back, but pride got you in an armbar
These nocturnal dudes live in the dark
Got more fear of god on they feet than in they heart
Boy, I'm outta here

Verse 2: Q-Flo
Uh, I don't need a cannon when I wyle out
This ain't the talk that you want, go and bow out
Big dawg, chain been broken, go do your history, sea
It's warriors only, so don't bring your kids to me
Bright lights, Jesus got His angels all around me
Had me walk on water when the devil tried to drown me
Lost boy, walked a path of danger but I found peace
Music made to put my mind at rest, we call it sound sleep
It's big Q, boy, I really taught y'all what that pain meant
I ain't here to add to the game, I'm here to change it
It's Tetris, if the piece don't fit, we rearrange it
It costs to be the boss, and y'all ain't ready for them payments
Not your idols, watch these punches break they porcelain frame
Twist the metal, fly out your hand just like the scorpion chain
If you see me with the Rock, it ain't the Scorpion King
See me suited for the fight, they think I'm Morpheus, mane

Verse 3: Prodi Da Prodigal
Uh, Trvth Music, check
(Norf Philly in the buildin', with my brothers I'm buildin')
Imma dodge like caravans if the devil throwin' them darts
It's a three-piece combo, you can get it a la carte
I'm a razor sharp comb-over, I've been set apart
You're full of crap when you cap, all you're doin' is blowin' farts
The devil's schemes got me tired, I'm tired of y'all agendas
Y'all be rappin' chasin' clout, we puttin' Jesus front and center
The heart of a lion, y'all lyin', playin' pretender
I'm set on fire by the fire of the Spirit in all its splendor
Whatever happened to reverence over relevance?
Temperance over lecherous, prejudice for the sedatives
If my finger makes me stumble, then I'm losin' some appendages
The message clear as day, but y'all still ain't comprehendin' it
If Q the butcher, Aable Westside, I'm La Machina
We kill the beat, leave it stinkin' in the alley like old tilapia
Punchlines for days like it's bar week, your bars weak
My rhymes out this world, my bars belong in Star Fleet

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