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Promised Land - Single by TobyMac

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Promised Land
by TobyMac

Album: Promised Land - Single

Head down as I punch this clock
The hours roll they never stop
And I can’t ever seem to get ahead

Always tryin’ to do what’s right
The straight and narrows getting tight
Don’t know how much longer I can stand

And I’m wonderin’ yeah I’m wonderin’ where’s my promised land

Out here on this dessert road
It’s hot as fire but I’ve grown cold
Circlin’ like a plane that never lands

And even though the questions change
The answers always stay the same
Maybe someday I will understand

So I’m wonderin’, got me wonderin where’s my promised land
Yeah I’m wonderin’ still I’m wonderin where’s my promised land

Well I’ve run this earth for many years
And there’s one thing I know
There’s nowhere on this side of heaven
Where streets are made of gold
I’ve long laid down my grand illusions
Lookin toward the day that I’ll be home

I won’t give up on this race
Broken but I still have faith
That this old life is all part of a plan
And I can feel it in my soul, one day I’ll stand before the throne
With nothing left but hope in these 2 hands

Through all these seasons, I’m still believing, You’re my promised land
In all my grievin’ I’m still believin’, You’re my promise land.

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- Great song which showcases the hope amid difficulty in my walk with God. - jeffrey1967 / Aug 31, 2022

Love this song. It's my favorite. - guest / Aug 29, 2022

- I love this song. It always makes me feel like I have been so lucky to hear it. - guest / Mar 17, 2022

- Thank You Brother!Persevere to see the promised land.Amen - guest / Mar 7, 2022

- This is so good live!! - guest / Feb 20, 2022

- Saw this live for the tour - guest / Feb 17, 2022

Never heard tobyMac scream - guest / Nov 4, 2021

love this song - guest / Sep 25, 2021

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