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Stronger by Unmasked

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Watch Your Step
by Unmasked

Album: Stronger

Can you feel the anger? I can't tell..
Can you see the danger where I fell?
Be careful where you walk.

Verse 1
Left, right, stepping in the trails of dead men.
They never count their, count their blessings.
But, they count on dead plans.
They say they look to the future, but they really just look to losers.
They say that the past repeats itself, so if you follow it, then you're doomed to fail.
Stand right, you better stand tall. If you stand still then you can't fall.
Stand still, do nothing at all.
But, who cares if you can't evolve?
But I can't just stall.
I can't just stand here on the wall.
Not gonna live in fear of the fact that if I'm climbing then I can fall.

Chorus Verse 2
Along the path, a lot of rocks and cracks.
One step, then the next, now there's no turning back.
Gotta push through this ruthless attack.
Blaze your own way, don't just follow my tracks.
I can't stand complacent and I can't just stand still.
Watch where you step, not where I do or we'll click heels.
Watch when pit falls and trials come to take you
and watch out for people who will drag you down with great skill.
Watch out for liars and cheaters and traps.
Watch out for people carrying snakes on their backs.
Watch out for ambushes, secret attacks, don't forget to kick back when you need to relax.
Watch out for comfort it'll sneak up and kill you.
Watch out for summer, don't let playing mask Truth.
If you fall somewhere then tell others not to.
Learn from your mistakes, move on, and know that God has got you.
Don't take people for granted, they might not be there one day.
Keep your feet well planted for when wind comes your way.


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