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We As Human by We As Human

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I Stand
by We As Human

Album: We As Human

Why should I be ashamed
to talk about the God that I know is real
or about how sick i think it is when babies are killed
or the fact evolution is just stupid and wrong
i didnt come from a monkey but you believe what you want
i believe that Jesus died and He is risen again
I believe that He will burn this world down in the end
I dont care what you think about me or what i say
I mean every word why should i be ashamed

I stand
when everything is falling around me
I stand
in spite of all the pain thats around
i stand
I stand here with my fist raised high
when every thing falls, when everything falls
I stand

The Music doesnt end
we pray for love
we pray for those who come out
we dont pray for the money
or the girls or the crowds
the fans, the lights, the guitars and the mics
dont need any pennies
but we'll be their tonight
but when the music fades and is stripped away
you stand alone at the end of this day
i hope you remember every word that i say
that Jesus alone is the only way

Step up and get knocked down
were going crazy with the rock sound
We As Human's here now
bringing psycho back (repeat)

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