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Rise & Stein
David & Leanna Stein

Program Length: 240 Minutes

Website: twitter.com/riseandstein

Victory 91.5 weekday morning show from 6:00-10:00

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David Stein is a new pastor at Revolution Church in Canton. Still haven't found out about Leanna. - guest / May 31, 2020

Out of the country for several months, and then they disappeared! Such a wonderful, upbuilding show it was. No explanation? I have stopped listening to the station now. Drifting into "charismania". - guest / May 5, 2020

I don't understand where David and Leanna went?!!! Why??? Where are they now???? - guest / Apr 29, 2020

Really miss David and Leanna. They made the mornings great. Wish the station had given their loyal listeners more notice or explanation. - guest / Apr 23, 2020

- There are seasons in eveyones life.I have enjoyed my season with them.As a Registered Nurse working 7p-7a,they kept me awake and inspired on my drive home. Cory is wonderful,but they will be missed. - guest / Apr 3, 2020

- I miss David and Leanna. What happened to them. - guest / Mar 16, 2020

What happened to the Steins...they just up and vanished and they were such an inspirational way to start my days. I miss them and pray wherever they are and whatever they are doing God blesses them. - guest / Mar 6, 2020

I miss David and Leanna! I loved listening to their show. Good luck and God's grace be upon them. - guest / Mar 5, 2020

I really enjoyed the Steins morning show while driving to work. Their laughter and joy was medicine to my soul. The prayer time, music, and stories were uplifting. I miss them and pray all is well. - guest / Feb 26, 2020

I miss them :(( where did they go? - guest / Feb 17, 2020

Really enjoyed the Steins..sometimes we have to follow our convictions into the darkness until we see where God is taking us back into a new light. Can't wait to see where their ministry leads them.. - guest / Feb 11, 2020

I miss David and Leanna - guest / Feb 11, 2020

God bless David and Leanna wherever they are. You are loved!! - guest / Feb 6, 2020

Really miss the Rise and Stein show!! It got me going in the morning with their laughter and real life stories. - guest / Feb 5, 2020

All the best to you two, you have been a mainstay for my drive in to work. Miss you both much!!! - guest / Feb 4, 2020

- I miss David and Leanna . - guest / Jan 23, 2020

I so miss the Steins! - guest / Jan 21, 2020

We are sorry that they resign. Hope and Pray they are well. We miss them. Thank God for the 7 years that they were at the Radio. God bless - guest / Jan 17, 2020

Really miss David and Leanna. Why did they leave? - guest / Jan 15, 2020

Where are David and Leanna and why has Cory not mentioned them at all? I keep waiting to here something on my way to work, but nothing! So very sad. - guest / Jan 15, 2020

Where are you guys??? - guest / Jan 14, 2020

Miss the Steins !!! - guest / Jan 9, 2020

Looking at these comments, apparently I wasn't the only one in the dark about David and Leanna :-(. I finally had to email the station and someone wrote saying they resigned before Thanksgiving :-(. - guest / Jan 7, 2020

Did David and Leanna Stein leave the station? I thought (perhaps) they were on vacation for the holidays but still not on the air. No mention of anything!?? - guest / Jan 7, 2020

Been searching all over the Internet trying to find David and Leanne - guest / Jan 6, 2020

Where is David and Leanne is like they just vanished. - guest / Jan 6, 2020

- Are the steins on vacation? - guest / Jan 3, 2020

What happened to David and Leanna? I loved their show and miss it each morning. - guest / Dec 30, 2019

Why did they resign? Can't get any information from the station, no one has said anything about why they left the radio station. - guest / Dec 30, 2019

What happened to David and Leanna?? - guest / Dec 25, 2019

Why did you guys leave soooo - guest / Dec 21, 2019

Love, love, love David & Leanna.Why no mention of why they've vanished from your programming?Loyal follower would appreciate knowing. - guest / Dec 19, 2019

Please bring David and Leanna back! - guest / Dec 18, 2019

I'm more than sorry David & Leanna are gone. The show now is way too slow for waking up and driving to work. Miss the down to earth spirit and the FUN of David & Leanna. - guest / Dec 18, 2019

Did David and Leanna leave the Station? I keep hoping they are on vacation. - guest / Dec 17, 2019

- Did David and Leanna leave the station?? - guest / Dec 17, 2019

What happened to Rise & Stein? - guest / Dec 16, 2019

Where are they? - guest / Dec 15, 2019

Why did these two wonderful people leave the station? - guest / Dec 5, 2019

David & Leanna are a breath of fresh air! What a great way to start the day! - guest / Dec 4, 2019

- ....it seems like I gre up with these two hilarious people; they talk about things I believe everyone can relate too - thank you for humor, your insight and your couple Words of Wisdom. 5-Stars+ - guest / Jun 6, 2019

Thank you for embracing your calling.David and leanna are hilarious.Leanna has an infectious laugh that makes my Day it makes your heart smile. - guest / Mar 20, 2019

When are you going to Israel. My daughter and I would like to go. - guest / Mar 7, 2019

- Rise and Stein they are both EXACTLY THE WAY GOD MADE THEM 2 0R 4 I LOVE CHIUACHA DOGS I AM ALSO EXSTREMLY CURIOS ABOUT JEWISH HISTORY want to learn more about Jewish history GOD BLESS YA'LL RISE S - guest / Nov 28, 2018

Where can I find the Charles Spurgeon quote from this morning? - guest / Nov 2, 2018

Hello my name is Alonzo Jackson I'm a new author and don't get to listen to you all much. When I do listen to you all I love the encouraging words and your love for Christ. Keep up the good work. - guest / Aug 16, 2018

- They make my mornings great when I've had a long night working. A great spirit and ministry are they for the Lord. - guest / Apr 18, 2018

- i want more talk and less music! David and Leanna make my day start off on the right note!! - guest / Mar 29, 2018

- This is by far my favorite show!!!! I love how they are so funny but still speak God's truth. - guest / Jan 19, 2018

Love listening to them. I live in NW Arkansas(Wal-Mart land). - guest / Sep 25, 2017

- This has been my favorite program for years.I love listening to Dave and Leana every morning on my way to work. You are such a blessing to me. You are uplifting and encouraging. I love you so much! - guest / Jun 12, 2017

- Loved listening,commuting to be a Marriage&Family Therapist for last 3 years. So enjoyed David's story of brokenness and how his therapist led him to Christ.Lived in China like Leanna, too. Thanks! - guest / Dec 16, 2016

- You guys keep it real! Thank you for all you do. May God chase you down and overwhelm you with His greatest blessings! - guest / Dec 8, 2016

- You two are an inspiration that relationships are blessed when Jesus is 1st! - guest / Nov 18, 2016

The intimacy the have with Jesus ring over the air ways and it pricKS my heart to hunger for more of Jesus and it helps build me up. Thank you both. - guest / Nov 15, 2016

The 8am prayer that David gave this morning was so eloquently shared, the words and thoughts so poignant today. I have relayed some of the sentiments in the prayer to my co-workers. Bless you all! - guest / Nov 9, 2016

Really enjoy y'all - honesty, quirkiness, laughter. A true blessing! Happy 10 years and a week of salvation, David! - guest / Oct 3, 2016

- I love David and Leanna. The compassion, the love, the excitement they bring to my heart every morning on my way to work helps me throughout the day to remember how much Jesus loves me. Thank you!! - guest / Sep 15, 2016

Loved your description of what Jesus did for us, opened our cell door and set us FREE really hits the heart! Praise God! God Bless your ministry! - guest / Aug 16, 2016

- Love love love listening to you guys!!! - guest / Jul 5, 2016

- Saying hello!! From Puerto Rico love your program! - guest / Jun 17, 2016

You guys are such a gift. Thank you for being real and for Leanna's laugh, love it and makes me feel so good. Thank you so much for your 3 things you find wildly mildly amusing. You are great! - guest / May 4, 2016

Love your show, it's my favorite, but I love all the different shows, the way y'all minister to the public is amazing! I have your station on in my car & in my home Constantly! I can't get enough Amen - nomans60 / Apr 19, 2016

Love you guys! You are such an inspiration. I love your 3 things wildly mildly amazing!! - guest / Mar 23, 2016

Would like to have it see if read about the 4 chairs from this morning broadcast - guest / Mar 16, 2016

OK - I'm no computer genius & I've wasted too much time ( prayer time - ); ) looking for Listen Live to sign up !, Hep Me !!! - melinda5 / Mar 8, 2016

Every morning is full of his presence when I hook with you guys, will I take my sons to Mill Creek HS around 7 am and I am bless to listen the scripture from Spurgen - guest / Feb 22, 2016

My family can't start our day without you!! We listen to you every morning. We enjoy praying and laughing with you - guest / Feb 12, 2016

Live music was awesome this morning - guest / Feb 12, 2016

My favorite morning show - guest / Feb 11, 2016

You bring wonderful laughter to my mornings! - guest / Jan 26, 2016

- Love listening to the program and music from Rogers, Arkansas. Love you play more than the top 40 but wonderful praise and worship. - robertmoss77 / Jan 7, 2016

I think you guys are awesome, you make me laugh every morning. You are so real and relatable. I feel as if I know you guys. I LOVE your show!!!! - guest / Dec 1, 2015

great program I listen in every morning bless you both - guest / Nov 14, 2015

Pastor Terrel Taylor thanks to you for your dedication to your preaching Gods word without deviation we love you at Live Free Church you teach us to live free in Jesus. Susan Joanna Joe Chadwick - guest / Oct 21, 2015

You guys make my ride to work every morning not only tolerable but enjoyable! Thank you! Blessings to you! Lyne - guest / Oct 14, 2015

can you please tell me the name of the beautiful song that Leanna sang along to this morning? (with the doors shut). Love your program! - guest / Oct 6, 2015

You both are a God's blessing to the body of Christ... THANKS - guest / Oct 5, 2015

Love to listen to you guy's! - guest / Sep 21, 2015

Love your broadcast know you are in Jerusalem please if possible lift my family and i in prayer for healing in our bodies and financial blessing - guest / Sep 16, 2015

love the song The River. Love Listening to the song and you both - guest / Sep 1, 2015

David, could you repeat the quote from Charles Spurgion of "you won't realize the fullness of God until you realize the emptiness of everything else" or something like that - guest / Aug 6, 2015

Awesome! So glad you are back. Our prayers continue with you. Greatly appreciate your program. Such a blessing as you share from "life" God's truth. Thanks for being there. - guest / Jul 23, 2015

I love this program it's amazing encouragements & prayers. I am so sorry Leanna about your father's pass. God will heal your pain. love Elda - guest / Jul 22, 2015

God bless you guys! Blessed by the fact that you share your life and glorify God thru everything that you live. I think that really allows people to feel to know that God lives in humble hearts. - guest / Jul 20, 2015

So very sorry to hear of the passing of your Dad. You have been in my prayers since the accident and I will continue to pray for you and the family. I miss hearing you two on the air. Carole - guest / Jul 14, 2015

David and Leanna - Still praying for you and your family. Please know that your listeners are uplifting you and your family during this time. And we love you! Cindy - guest / Jul 12, 2015

Love them - guest / Jul 1, 2015

The reference to Greenwhich is not to a clock but rather to the meridian 0. That imiaginaRy line north to south poles that devides the world into the Western and Easterrn hemispheres. - guest / Jun 25, 2015

Please share that whoa is me corn dog comment. That was awesome especially for marriage - guest / Jun 23, 2015

I have recently started listening to you all on my way to work. I am a Clemson graduate(1981) and direct a ministry for older adults w/dementia in Lville. Thanks for the daily encouragement! - guest / Jun 10, 2015

David and Leanna, Thank you for your kingdom work, I am blessed by your ongoing ministry. Congrats on 2 wonderful years of spreading the good news of our risen savior, Jesus, the Christ Timothy Bader - guest / Jun 3, 2015

I absolutely love Rise and Stein! I'm from Georgia but I go to Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma and I still listen to you guys in the mornings. - guest / May 22, 2015

Such an encouraging way to start the day. A great ministry. God Bless! - guest / May 14, 2015

What is the name of the blog that David &Leanne were talking about this morning? - guest / May 1, 2015

Only drive 10 minutes to work but by the time I get there, I am smiling and laughing at their commentaries. How does Pickles put up with them?:) - guest / Apr 30, 2015

Love the program & all the giggles that pass between you guys!!!Spent Christmas & New Year in Atlanta 2011-12 Loved it!! So listen to Victory every day from UK - guest / Apr 17, 2015

there are apartments for read above Little Italy's in Winder Georgia. so there is a start for your company. Lol - guest / Mar 17, 2015

We love and relate to you both! You keep us laughing while reminding us what marriage covenant is!! - guest / Feb 27, 2015

Listening on my idisciple app from melbourne,Fl! I love you two!! Your laughter is infectious. You get my day started right and grounded in truth. God bless you both as you serve Him together!! - guest / Feb 16, 2015

You're the best!!! - guest / Feb 10, 2015

Leanna, we are so glad that David and you are doing so well !!! Tim and Lora from Restoring Honor DC Trip. - guest / Feb 8, 2015

Love it!! - guest / Feb 5, 2015

He brings joy in the morning through you. And David she's the best cohost you've ever had! - guest / Jan 20, 2015

David and Leanna always gets my day off to a good start. I will leave for work early just so i can hear David pray in the morning at 6 am. - guest / Jan 16, 2015

I'm not one who looks forward to talking as opposed to music or teaching that you two are the exception God bless you so much enjoy your laughter your faith your prayers thank you - guest / Jan 14, 2015

I really live this segment - guest / Dec 30, 2014

Just love listening as I drive to work! - guest / Dec 17, 2014

Such a blessing! - guest / Dec 15, 2014

Thank you for the prayer for men this morning. Your show is always inspiring. Saved in 2011, Bill - guest / Dec 10, 2014

Watched your story on The 700 Club. It was amazing. My little 7 year old was watching it with so much intent and after the story was over he said, "mommy does that man know Jesus now?" Thank-you. - guest / Nov 17, 2014

I just posted on your site about my little boy watching you. Do you have face book page we can like? *Stacey! - guest / Nov 17, 2014

- I love listening to both of you, Leanna and David every morning on my way to work. You make me laugh so much. Your faith in Jesus is so genuine. Thank you for serving HIM well. - guest / Nov 12, 2014

- YOU ARE BOTH AWESOME! - guest / Nov 12, 2014

- Love Mighty Fortress- Mary Kat Ehrenzeller! Great show - guest / Nov 6, 2014

The "Millenial" dynamic duo! You guys are AWESOME - thanks for sharing your lives with us. alan from Alpharetta - guest / Nov 4, 2014

Love it! Especially since since Leanna came on the scene. - guest / Nov 4, 2014

- My husband and I love listening to the 2 of you in the morning! You guys are a joy! - guest / Oct 30, 2014

- I love that I can this station loads quickly and plays clearly all the way on the other side of the world. One of the best players on the internet and it never cuts out! Witty show!!! - tessadaum / Oct 26, 2014

We love your show! We always get a laugh in the mornings! this morning was no different when you said Leanna went from being a vulture to a tender delicate bird when wanting some food off your plate! - guest / Oct 24, 2014

thank you so much for just being there in the mornings!! - guest / Oct 23, 2014

How long does it take to drive to Clemson?...3 CD's plus 2 stops for Travel brochures. Great Quotes from Rise & Stein: "I'll skip the pumpkin and move strait to the Peppermint Mocha!" - guest / Oct 17, 2014

God continue to let His face shine upon you!! - guest / Oct 17, 2014

Abe Lincoln quote: "It's not the years in your life, it's the life in your years". Let us live for our Families and build a lasting legacy for our children. - guest / Oct 14, 2014

Hello David and Leanna!! Lord God ,thank you for this radio outreach that glorifies your holy name! Really enjoy Ravi Zachariah's rafi - guest / Oct 13, 2014

Morning! (With 2 sugar and 3 creamers, please). Lord God, thank you for this wonderful radio outreach that glorifies You!! - guest / Oct 13, 2014

When you guys get a second, check out Patton's prayer on George S. Patton website. Blessings!! - guest / Oct 13, 2014

I love you two servants of God..extend your hours,please..David get some hair..amazing servant you are. - guest / Sep 30, 2014

- A wonderful Blessing & Joy! Enjoy hearing Rabbi Stewart and Chantal (RII) on the show! Please continue to bring in more of the Jewish foundation, holidays, speakers & Messianic music!! ~Jeanne - guest / Sep 10, 2014

I have been so blessed and encouraged by David and Leanna on my drive to work the past couple of years (love Scripture and Spurgeon!), that I had to give back. How can I receive so much and not give? - guest / Aug 29, 2014

I enjoy your show every morning and your prayer for Calif. Is well received. I wonder if anyone has considered that the drought in that region is because of the amount of sin in that region? - guest / Aug 19, 2014

When my sweetheart has had a tough day at work, i amuse him with your early morning stories! He especially likes the new sod story. He would like to be able to cut our grass w/scissors! - guest / Jul 17, 2014

- Love em - guest / Jul 16, 2014

Your show in the morning when I leave my house at 6am to drive to Atlanta makes the traffic disappear & makes me look like a laughing lunatic commuter! Love your show! - guest / Jun 17, 2014

Love listening to you both. As a messianic Jew from NY, I would to hear more of the Jewishness of our faith- it is a hole in Christian radio. Thanks and keep the faith - guest / Jun 4, 2014

- Just love listening to you guys! A true blessing in the mornings! - guest / Jun 2, 2014

Love your show!, what a blessing you two are! Thank you! - guest / May 29, 2014

- Met them yesterday, wonderful guys!!!!!!!!!! - guest / May 28, 2014

- I love listening to David and Leanna every morning. They are full of the Lord, they are encouraging, they are real, and they make me laugh so much. I love you guys. In Christ, Monica ( from Dacula,GA - guest / May 21, 2014

I love you guys every AM on my commute! Monday morning you played a song around 6:50AM and you talked about how the audience would not hear that song on other stations. I want it and cannot remember! - guest / May 5, 2014

- Hey Steins! I love your program. It's a great encouragement to me. :) You should know that the link to your twitter account from this page doesn't work. You are missing a colon : in the URL. - guest / Apr 18, 2014

This radio program have some of the best Bible teachers and some of the most inspiring songs. I fall asleep with this station & I awake listening to it. I really love to listen to Rise & Stein. - guest / Apr 17, 2014

i just want to say you brigthen my mornings love your fun and sence of humor , and your music is always the best thank you for whatyou do - guest / Apr 16, 2014

DAVID, you don't know what you're missing.....YEAH!! CILANTRO!!!! JER.29:11-13 KEEP UP THE GODD WORK GLORIFYING CHRIST TO THIS UGLY WORLD. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! MARY BUTLER - guest / Mar 24, 2014

- Love ur show, it make mornings so much fun. God Bless - guest / Mar 22, 2014

I travel to work with you guys every morning from 6:15 to 7:00! Totally LOVE you guys. Makes me remember the early days of my own marriage - 40+ years ago!! - guest / Mar 20, 2014

Just awesome! My 15 year old enjoys listening....says a lot if a teenager can laugh at a morning show! - guest / Mar 15, 2014

Absolutely LOVE listening to the two of you! You make my morning drive something I now look forward to!!! - guest / Mar 7, 2014

- Hello David and Leanna You guys are such a blessing. In today's broadcast (3/7/14) you discussed how you met. Is it possible to get a audio transcript of that show? - guest / Mar 7, 2014

I love this couple and their amazing chemistry on their program. Listening to them everyday is like being lifted to the high heavens. May their show continue to shine and be a blessing to listeners. - guest / Mar 6, 2014

Happy Wedding Anniversary! You are such a wonderful couple to emulate. Wishing and hoping with God's blessing that I could marry like you do. - guest / Mar 6, 2014

HOW DID YOU MEET? - guest / Mar 1, 2014

- Love listening to you. You are very encouraging. 8:00 prayer time is a very moving experience each time. David I thank you for the great work you are doing. Praying with you for your lost loved ones. - angie1633 / Feb 28, 2014

David, I will continue to pray for Leanna that one day our Sweet Lord will bestow upon her the appreciation for Tastykakes. George from Flowery Branch - guest / Feb 28, 2014

- God bless you two in your ministry and marriage. Keep up your strong witness and carry on your good works. I enjoy your show on my ride into work. Thanks! - guest / Feb 26, 2014

- I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! - guest / Feb 21, 2014

- 10 year old and 7 year old Grace and Emmanuel. WE LOVE YOU GUYS! GOD bless you richly!!! ;) :) - guest / Feb 21, 2014

- Definite favorite! - jmosephao / Feb 11, 2014

- You encourage each day. I'm not a great pray-er, but I find myself praying my lost friends each day with you! Thank you! - guest / Feb 10, 2014

I love your show and listen to it every morning on my way to my first grade classroom. You two make me laugh before 7:00 am everyday! - guest / Feb 4, 2014

LOVE this show! Listen every morning I can while getting my kids ready & off to school. Thank you! - guest / Jan 28, 2014

- David, I am with you about the cilantro! - guest / Jan 15, 2014

- Awesome show - guest / Jan 15, 2014

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - guest / Jan 14, 2014

Hey David and Leanna, we drive from Woodstock to Sewanee every morning and love carpooling w y'all everyday! Love the conversation and the music! God bless! - guest / Jan 10, 2014

- I am the leader of a Sunday School Class called the Outlaws & starting Sunday we will study a book by Rebekah Simon-Peter entitled The Jew Named Jesus. Reading the first section I thought of you. - guest / Jan 9, 2014

I love to listen to u guys laugh every morning. - guest / Jan 8, 2014

Love them! - guest / Jan 2, 2014

- Love your show and that you are the"real" deal. Thank you!!!!!! - guest / Dec 27, 2013

I just love you two. My husband and I dated for 9 years and finally I convinced him I'm the one this past June (not a first marriage for either of us). You two remind us so much of us. - guest / Dec 10, 2013

I really loved the song that you played this morninig at around 6:58, would love to know the title!! I just sat in my car when I arrived at work and listened, great start to my day!! - guest / Dec 5, 2013

Thank you for being such a down to earth married couple who is willing to share your lives over the radio.Especially love your 3 things from the day before! - guest / Nov 22, 2013

Thank you David and Leanna for the best morning show in Atlanta! Dave, your story inspires me, I got saved in 2011 at the age of 53, and am strengthened when I hear you talk about your family, friends - guest / Nov 20, 2013

That audio of her singing in St. Ann was powerful.... thank you for sharing that - guest / Nov 6, 2013

I love riding to work with David and Leanna in the mornings from Cobb County to Norcross makes my ride so much better. Praying with them makes the day get off to a great start. - guest / Nov 6, 2013

Hey David and leanna, i listen to almost every morning love you guys.Pray for me going to the dentist today - guest / Nov 5, 2013

- Thank you so much for your ministry! I recently made a decision to turn my lengthy morning commute into a time of prayer, praise & worship and you two are a huge part of it!! You rock!!!! - guest / Nov 1, 2013

Morning y'all. You played a song that came from (I think) Warhill church) this morning. What was the name of that song? - guest / Oct 28, 2013

I love listening to you in the morning on my way to work. Leanna,your laugh makes me laugh. David, your passions for Christ is contagious. - guest / Oct 28, 2013

- I listen to you every morning and just love you guys so much. You are so real and inspiring. - guest / Oct 25, 2013

- I am in New York and listen to Victory 91.5 24/7 online (I don't shut it off). I love your show, it gets my day going with a smile on my face. God bless you! - guest / Oct 22, 2013

- Love the show every morning. It starts my day off with smiles don't ever Change. Leanah keep laughing its contagious. Thanks for all you do . Study your spouse is great my teens even laugh. - guest / Oct 21, 2013

- Love the Jewishness of the shooow.Makes me smile every morning as I'm riding around in my delivery truck.Now have another piece of cake you look you haven't eaten in a week! - guest / Oct 21, 2013

Good morning! I listen to you everyday on my way to work. Wanted to let you know the Amazon extends from Brasil to Colombia in South America. Thank you for making my mornings very joyful. - guest / Oct 15, 2013

- I recently came across this program while driving to work. I enjoy it! It truly has been a blessing to me and my family. God bless you! - guest / Oct 13, 2013

- Absolutely wonderful morning show! Where can I get a Charles Spurgeon Bobblehead for my husband? He loves him; I can't understand a word. - guest / Oct 3, 2013

OMG I am so greatful for your program. I cry every morning just listening to you guys praying for the lost. I feel I have learn a lot and I cry for the joy I feel. Gob bless you both. - guest / Oct 2, 2013

.... awe some ... (:- ) - the kiss of Grace from Above is all over this one cup (stein) of Blessing ... (:- ) - guest / Oct 1, 2013

- Incredible, Christ-focused morning show that touches many lives! I absolutely love listening to y'all every weekday morning! Thank you and may God bless you and this ministry! - guest / Sep 28, 2013

I am crying right now. David and Leanna you guys ministered my life so much this morning. I want to love God more and more. Hope one day I can meet you guys. - guest / Sep 27, 2013

- Happy Salvation Birthday David. - guest / Sep 26, 2013

heard your testimony today. god saved you from yourself like he did me. luv the show luv the testimony luv u both. - guest / Sep 26, 2013

- I just want to thank David and Leanna Stein for adding to my joy and happiness every morning thank you so much for your ministry - guest / Sep 25, 2013

yall make me laugh and im learning about relationships love praying for the lost congrads -i pray yall pack just what u need for all future trips - guest / Sep 12, 2013

C H Spurgeon made this observation about his own life: My Life seems to me like a fairy dream. I am often both amazed and dazed with its mercies and its love. How good God has been to me! - guest / Sep 12, 2013

- I listen while I get ready for work, as I drive to work, and log in on-line when I get to work. I LOVE you guys! - guest / Sep 11, 2013

I love Leanna's laugh. A sweet sound first thing in the morning! Thank you David for making her laugh. - guest / Sep 9, 2013

- Love,Love ,Love litening to David & Leanna in the morning,driving my daughter to school every morning and then back home.I once was Just Jewish but now I am a completed Jew. Praise Jesus [3 - guest / Sep 6, 2013

- I cant wait to here David praying for the lost every morning. The day i need need somebody to pray with me,David answered the phone and pray with me for baby Neyshaliz.Now she is an angel. - guest / Aug 30, 2013

- Just Real! Very nice, not too over-the-top saccharine-sweet that seems formulaic for a lot of 'perky morning show host pairs'. Rooted and grounded with The Important Stuff first, everything else next. - guest / Aug 27, 2013

- Great team! Really enjoy listening on way to work - guest / Aug 24, 2013

Such an awesome show! The hosts are so precious!!! - guest / Aug 23, 2013

great pair. funnyand interesting mixed well with the things of god. keep up the good work. luv to here their testimonies. was matt a secular dj etc - guest / Aug 19, 2013

It's been a blessing listening to you both this week. - guest / Aug 16, 2013

You guys are great - guest / Aug 15, 2013

I started listening to your show about a month or so ago when you were telling how you met & how God told Leanna she would marry you. Thank you for an Godly show that honors God & our marriages. - guest / Aug 14, 2013

- Very fun and good Godly conversations. Love them! - guest / Aug 9, 2013

Great Show....such a Chemistry with you two. Enjoy my ride in the AM...with GREAT worship music as well. The paint can incident was a riot. It takes a special person who can admit mistakes. Thanks - guest / Aug 8, 2013

Love you guys so much!!! Such an inspiration!!! I hope I have a marriage like you both. Blessings (I am 22) - guest / Aug 8, 2013

I absolutely love listening to you all the time. My family and I really appreciate your humility and Love for Christ. Please don't ever go Hollywood. Prayer is what changes lives. God bless Jenny OK - guest / Aug 7, 2013

- Love listening to you guys! - guest / Aug 2, 2013

I had to go on the website to see you guys.....After my time with Jesus in prayer each morning and he makes my day.....then you just add to it. Thanks to such a wonderful couple - guest / Aug 1, 2013

I enjoy listening to your show every morning. It is very encouraging to start my day with the right attitude and mindset. - guest / Jul 30, 2013

- Rise and Stein is the perfect mix of humor and His word with an awesome variety of Christian music!! LOVE THEM!!! - guest / Jul 30, 2013

I was diagnose with leukemia a few years ago and have been praying for healing. lately i have been getting the answer back "My grace is sufficient" . Hearing that today helped me. - guest / Jul 23, 2013

Listen to you every morning on way to work. You guys are a hoot! Leanna's laugh is so sweet..like my wife's...when she gets up in the morning the birds begin to sing! David...I miss your afternoon. - guest / Jul 22, 2013

David...Your afternoon show was so dynamic. I caught you and Addison a few times and was so touched that some of the guys and wives went down to meet him and see God move in Healing...Thanks! - guest / Jul 22, 2013

- I love going to work and listening to David and Leanna BECAUSE of their realistic focus on Scripture and our daily, hourly battles with walking the walk Jesus asks us to for His glory. - guest / Jul 20, 2013

Love love love the morning show! - guest / Jul 19, 2013

David, you were actually the first guy i listened to on 91.5 back when John was out with the heart problems. As much as I loved to listen to John when he was back, I was always glad to hear you. - guest / Jul 19, 2013

- you guys are just precious. you wake us up with a smile! thanks for sharing your lives with us :) I love the genuine nature of your relationship on the air, and the prayer times. god bless u! - guest / Jul 16, 2013

David and Leanna lift me up. They nurture me and give me hope. Lord please bless this remarkable couple! - guest / Jul 16, 2013

- Been with this radio station for nine years. Love this new morning show. Very refreshing and encouraging . Keep up the good work, love you guys. God bless Jon Owens - guest / Jul 11, 2013

Love to hear your show; you both encourage me every time i hear you'all. Thanks for all you do!! caroyn in Clarkesville - guest / Jul 11, 2013

I love listening to you two in the mornings. I do not catch it all the time but it challenges me in my marriage! Thanks for your faithfulness and David you challenge me in leading my home. - guest / Jul 9, 2013

You two are awesome may God bless you for your faithfulness to Him. Thanks for being transparent as you walk out your lives together! - guest / Jul 9, 2013

You guys are THE BEST. Thanks for the laughs this AM - I love the addition of your bride to your show. Great choice! - guest / Jul 3, 2013

- I loved listening to David on WSCR in Chicago. Unfortuneately, even through Facebook, he has hard to find. Now, I know where he is at. - guest / Jul 2, 2013

- Absolutely love the great job y'all do. Very inspiring to my wife and my marriage. Thanking God for you two. - guest / Jul 1, 2013

- I can't help but listen daily. I learn something new everyday. My soul and mind is being renew I love the joy and sincerity of Mr.&. Mrs. Stein. They make it cool to be a follower of Jesus Christ. - guest / Jun 29, 2013

Delightful and incredibly funny! Love the way David is so humble and really shares his story with such openness. So glad Leanna is joining him in the mornings! - guest / Jun 29, 2013

They are awesome. Maybe they could entertain the idea of matchmaking listeners. I am very single and would love to be introduced to a God fearing man. Just a thought. - guest / Jun 28, 2013

- You guys make me wish my drive to work was longer! I love listening to you! You are so funny, but so in love with each other and with God! You are the best. - guest / Jun 27, 2013

- LOVE the show!! David and Leanna, you are both so "real" and very genuine. Thank you so much for the powerful messages you're delivering! God bless you both! - guest / Jun 27, 2013

I cannot say enough good things about David and Leanna's show ~ I am hooked!!! Feel so blessed to have discovered your wonderful show. God bless your marriage for Christ and His church!! - guest / Jun 27, 2013

You guys crack me up!!! Love your show!! - guest / Jun 27, 2013

- My girlfriend turned me on to listening to you guys and that just proves even more how much smarter she is than me. I love listening to the show. Can't wait to see yous in Ballground this weekend. - guest / Jun 27, 2013

You guys are amazing...can't wait for the morning drive in. - guest / Jun 27, 2013

My favorite radio station, and my favorite radio program!! Love David and Leanna Stein. God bless you two! Thank you for your program. - guest / Jun 26, 2013