Underground Revival - Electronic Dance and Rap

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Underground Revival
Electronic Dance and Rap

Program Length: 120 Minutes

Website: undergroundrevival.net

Underground Revival, powered by Victory OnDemand, is a Christian electronic dance and rap radio show based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The first hour of the show, leading up to the live DJ mix, is controlled by you in real-time! To participate in the interactive voting hours during Underground Revivial, you must be a member of Victory OnDemand.

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I love your underground revival program. please keep it going. - guest / Jun 24, 2020

Great Christian program with amazingly good Christian emd trax. Keep up the great work guys! - guest / Feb 22, 2019

- Absolutely love the show! Is there anywhere to replay it? And would also love to see playlist. Goshen Sai, you are a blessing indeed! - guest / Jan 4, 2019

it is the BEST ever radio show! if only someone has a spotify playlist with a lot of this music on it, that would be a dream :) - guest / Jun 8, 2018

Awesome show. Love this music! - guest / Sep 16, 2016

You gave us listening and enjoying the show. Keep up the great work! - guest / Sep 16, 2016

- love this program - guest / Aug 13, 2016

- wish could see your playlist to know what some of these amazing tunes are called! - guest / Jul 22, 2016

- Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.This music is heresy and not of God. - guest / Jul 19, 2016

What is your playlist ?!! - guest / Jul 16, 2016

This is so good!!!!! - guest / Apr 9, 2016

Christian electronic music, i wish i had this when i was growing up. I love the program. Thank you for going after your dreams that Christ had given you. Your Brother, Nate... - guest / Jan 25, 2016

Listening from Saegertown, PA. Wish we had something like this here but we don't so I stream Goshen's show. Love it! - guest / Dec 18, 2015

please keep on playing this club music. i love it - guest / Dec 12, 2015

Wish we could listen always - guest / Aug 26, 2015

- Dope!After 30 years of being a DJ, it's been a long time coming to see CEDM on Radio. Awesome! - guest / Feb 7, 2015

- Its great to hear the Word of Christ and the music I love at the same time.. - guest / Dec 12, 2014

- It'd be great if the recorded broadcast would be made available to listen throughout the week when there's no where else centralized place for Christian EDM,Dub-step/etc. music. - guest / Oct 3, 2014

I was coming home late this past Friday night about 11:40. You were talking about a movie about supernatural acts of God. How can I watch this movie? Please e-mail me back at cliffhobbs@bellsouth.net - guest / Sep 17, 2014

- This is good for my fam becase i no its a good station - guest / Jul 18, 2014

Hi, Do you archive the show? Thanks. God Bless. Aaron - guest / May 13, 2014

- Thank You for playing CEDM!! It my favorite genre of praise & worship! - guest / Apr 27, 2014

Awesum Music - guest / Apr 26, 2014

Is the app more accurate than the website or has the website finally fixed? Because most of the time, most songs don't even exist, or have been titled incorrectly or whatever. - guest / Apr 4, 2014

Wow, a bunch of oldies (songs that haven't been dug up in MONTHS) tonight! (3/28). Must be because summer is getting closer. - guest / Mar 28, 2014

When the 1-year comes along, you should totally have a reunion show and bring back Corrie, Hannah, Jennifer and that other guy (I don't know how to spell his name) for just that one night! - guest / Mar 28, 2014

Taking away Corrie & rap is like...taking away half the show! It's gonna be so empty now. D': Has anyone noticed that all the shows never last more than a year? Oh well. Good memories while it lasted. - guest / Mar 16, 2014

Who is going to share random quotes and funny entertaining comments now? - guest / Mar 16, 2014

Love this! !! Awesome beat! - guest / Mar 15, 2014

- Don't hate just because you don't understand this genre of music! We won't reach this generation with just Christ Tomlin or Lecrae. There's a whole world of lost souls who can meet God through this! - guest / Feb 15, 2014

I am constantly shocked and astounded by the impact of this ministry. There is nothing on the radio like it! You two (along with your guests) are like atomic bombs in the spirit, so Powerful!! - guest / Dec 13, 2013

It would be wonderful to have a printed list of the songs played the night before so we could seek out buying the artist's songs. I just stumbled upon you on the way to work last night,loved it. - guest / Nov 17, 2013

You gotta get out here tonight!! This show is sick!!!! 635 angier ave Atlanta! The Horsemans Ball. These guys spin for Christ like nobody's business!!!! - guest / Nov 1, 2013


- LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! What song played around 11:20 tonight?!?! 10/18 - guest / Oct 19, 2013

I just gotta say how much I'm enjoying your new format and music mix. It is so much more representative of the true body of Christ. You're now my favorite station in the A! - guest / Oct 18, 2013

- I would like to see the playlist of undergrand revival - guest / Oct 11, 2013

- This kind of program is want was needed for this generation. It's all about God - guest / Oct 11, 2013

- I'm loving it! God's work isn't limited to sermons inside a building, we have to reach the unreachable, we have to use all means to lead people to Christ our Savior, great work Victory. - guest / Sep 21, 2013

- To me this program truly captures the spirit of the early church in that its revolutionary in its willingness to go where the Holy Spirit led even when that was considered against the norm. - guest / Aug 24, 2013

- love it! - guest / Aug 2, 2013

- Love the change! My kids and I will be listening every weekend! Is this stuff on demand? - guest / Jul 12, 2013

- SO incredible that 91.5 is willing to reach out to this, essentially, unreached population of EDM club music - these DJ's are LIVE when those who are attracted to this sound are awake! God bless! - guest / Jul 5, 2013

- You guys need to add some Tru-Serva to the mix and Nick Foulks, they blow Lecrae outta the water. - guest / Jul 5, 2013

How long does this last? - guest / Jun 28, 2013

- Tried to listen tonight but after 15 minutes I had to turn it to something else. It seems like Victory is trying to drive listeners away. - guest / Jun 28, 2013

I'm all about this new program!! I truly believe with all of my heart that God will be touching lives with this music because there are so many people who refuse to listen to anything but this stuff. - guest / Jun 15, 2013

- LOVE IT!!! - guest / Jun 14, 2013

Dont be picky. You can listen to Mark Rutland during the day too. This new show is good because its exposing everyone to a new world of music that we would never know otherwise! - guest / Jun 7, 2013

- Love the new show! Keep it going!! - guest / Jun 1, 2013

- The DJs are awesome! - guest / Jun 1, 2013

- Whoo! Love this show! - guest / Jun 1, 2013

Found this last night, LOVE IT. - guest / Jun 1, 2013

- I'd rather hear Mark Rutland on Friday night at 11. Can't stand the techno disco sound. I won't be listening anymore after 11 on Friday's - guest / May 31, 2013

- I am loving this program. I have been praying for some Spirit filled/led dance and hip hop for quite some time. Thank you Victory 91.5 for not being afraid to go "out of the box". - guest / May 31, 2013

What is this. - guest / May 24, 2013

- Love the new programming! Play some Kye Kye remixes if available... - guest / May 24, 2013